Medical Kit Role Play Doctor set

Medical Kit Role Play Doctor setRole play toys for kids are one of the best toys you can give a child. I think every child ends up pretend playing doctor at some point. I have very vivid memories of doing so as a child myself, though I wanted to be a nurse. A Dr. kit is a wonderful gift idea for your little future doctor. Over the last two years my daughter has owned a number of Dr. kits, but none has been as advanced as the “Medical Kit Role Play Doctor set” I found via Amazon. And none of them have contained so many pieces.

This set takes role playing to the next level. What makes this set unique compared to other ones is that the reflex hammer, ostocope, thermometer, magnifier and flashlight all light up. One of the best medical gadgets that comes with the “Medical Kit Role Play Doctor set” is the stethoscope, which allows your young Dr. to listen to the sound of a beating heartbeat.

There are also other tools that takes role playing beyond Dr. and into surgeon, such as forceps, scalpel and even a kidney basin. There is also the basic stuff too like a syringe needle with spring action, tweezers and scissors. The only thing the set didn’t come with was a blood pressure apparatus. Luckily my daughter has one from her old Dr. kit, however it would be nice if they added one to the Medical Kit Role Play Doctor set. We found the instruments to be very well constructed

When play time is over everything fits back into the included Dr. case for easy clean up. Overall this is just an amazing role playing set for the aspiring doctor, nurse, surgeon or paramedic. Whether playing with stuffed friends or mommy and daddy, the “Medical Kit Role Play Doctor set” provides hours of fun. We know our little Dr. is going to love it. And since it packs up so nicely, the DR. play kit is also perfect for trips to Grandma’s house.

Although I am of course partial to this Dr. Kit it might not be suitable for toddlers. In that case I recommend the little toy doctor kit from Kidzoozie.

Do you remember the classic toys, like the Dr. toy kit that you enjoyed when you were a child?

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2 thoughts on “Medical Kit Role Play Doctor set

  1. I remember my doctors kit and all the pieces were in their very own doctors case, I remember having a lot of fun and wanting to check everyones temperature and I’m glad they still have these sets for the kids!!

  2. I do remember this toy. I would love it for my little boys. They love to listen to the stethoscope at their paediatrician’s office.

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