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With so many bath tub toys on the market it can be hard trying to choose the best ones ones. Elmo Bath Adventure Steamboat is the perfect toy for Sesame Street Elmo fans, because it offers so many different ways to play. Recommend for children 18 months-4 years, the steamboat comes apart to reveal five different bath toys all in one. The paddle wheel suctions to the bathtub, so that your little on...[Read More]

Whiffer Sniffers

I’m sure most of you will remember scratch and stiff snickers from the 80’s. Some of you may even remember the scratch and sniff sweaters from the 70’s. I have good news for parents. If you miss the wonderful stickers from your childhood, they can still be yours. Whiffer Sniffers, Bearington Collection have brought back the scented sensation scratch and stiff snickers for a new d...[Read More]

Aurora World Baby Talk

In today’s world, technology offers so many options when it comes to toys. And yet plush toys still remain one of the most popular. Throughout our childhoods most of us can recall one of our favorite treasured toys. In most cases it was a soft plush.  The right type of plush toy can assist your child’s learning capabilities more so than other toy.  Aurora World Baby Talk line provides an all-in-on...[Read More]

Grippies STEM Toy for Toddlers

I love the new concept of learning called STEM. IF you have never heard of STEM allow me to tell you about it. STEM educates students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Toy company Guidecraft has incorporated the reinforcement of science, math and engineering into one of  STEM toys. Grippies, introduces children to the basic concepts of magnetism, engi...[Read More]


In between little kids and teenagers, tweens can be the toughest to shop for at Christmas. If you have a tween who enjoys making rainbow loom bracelets or beading, she will love Gemmies Design Studio-a hot new craft from Tech4Kids. Gemmies are the next evolution of the popular 3D beading craft.  They remind me of the beaded animals from the 90’s, but with a much cooler 3D effect. Whether her...[Read More]

Spinmaster Toys

This classic toy will make you long for holiday pass. It has been a life-saver for many of parents over the years. Especially during those long holiday family road trips. Both my husband and I remember owning a Etch A Sketch back in the 70’s. Even my eldest daughter recalls having an Etch A Sketch in the 90’s. Fast forward to 2016, and my three year old owns a pocket-sized version of t...[Read More]

Night Buddies plush light up toys

Bedtime can often be a scary and lonely-place for a child.  Dealing with a child who is afraid of the dark can be frustrating for parents. If bedtime fears are affecting your child’s ability to fall asleep, Night Buddies can help.  Night Buddies, are soft, lovable light up plush toys that help calm children. With a simple hug, children can activate the illuminating eyes whenever they need reinsura...[Read More]


“Emoticons,” short for “emotive Icons,”have quite the appeal. And to be honest we love them just as much as our kids do. What would today’s conversation be like without them? They have become such an integral part of online conversations and expression, that it is hard to imagine a world without the emoji ( emoticon).  The appeal of emojis and emoticons has leaked into various forms of media...[Read More]

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