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Caillou Toys import dragon

Can you believe Caillou is 25 years old? It doesn’t seem like that long ago my son and daughter, who are now adults were watching Caillou. First, introduced to the world in 1990 by Canadian author Christine L’Heureux, Caillou has become a cultural icon. The TV series ranks #1 on 24-hour preschool television channel Sprout. The series, which is based on the books first aired on Canada’s Telet...[Read More] batman

Have a Bat-fanatic on your shopping list? Whether it’s your best friend, roommate, brother, husband, son, or even yourself, N.J. Croce Co has a wide range of Bat goodies for lovers of every generation. Check out these Batman 1966 collectibles. Racing out of the Classic TV Series and into your home is the Batmobile! This 1:24 scale replica includes bendable Batman and Robin figures in a sitti...[Read More]


Zipperoos by Wiggles 3D Inc. is sure to be a welcome addition to your child’s game collection this upcoming holiday season. Available in Monkey or Frog, Zipperoos combine portable game and the fun of a plush animal in the same toy. Inside the zipper of Monkey’s Wild, which is located on the back of each character, are 63 circular cardboard pieces. Each has a picture of an animal on the...[Read More]

Kids Activity Floor Mat

Play mats have been around for decades. They are an area for your child to occupy while they play with their toys. They are often found in daycare’s and junior kindergarten classrooms, but more and more parents are using them at home too. Unlike  interlocking foam mats, Plasmart Smartmat multi purpose play-mat combines learning and playing. Measuring 78″X46″, the Smart Mat is ide...[Read More]

Little Tikes Cook 'n Store™ Kitchen

Fun is always on the menu when your child is in the kitchen. Play kitchens in general are a fantastic gift idea for both boys and girls. Gone are the days though when kitchens for kids used to cost a fortune. Nowadays, you can find a toy kitchen set for under a $100.00. Play kitchens can take up a chunk of space in your home though. If space is a problem for you, the Little Tikes Cook ‘n Sto...[Read More]


“Bellz Will Be Ringing, the glad glad news. What a game to have.” 2015 most promising game, comes from Wiggles 3D. Bellz magnet game is a simple yet challenging game created by Wiggles 3D. Designed for kids ages 6 and up, this magnetic family game involves picking up bells of one color using a magnet wand. It is a must have game for anyone on your Christmas list that appreciates a good...[Read More]

Shopkins ice cream parlour review

Deck the aisles it’s a Shopkins Christmas. Shopkins, Shopkins, SHOPKINS! These cute collectible characters have taken over my house. My daughter just cannot get enough of these toys, which are created to mimic simple, real items you purchase every day. My daughter is so addicted, that even Rose, sends me any Shopkin bargains she finds. I was trilled to find that Showcase, Giant Tiger now car...[Read More]

Just add milk by Griddly Games

  I love the idea of giving a gift to a child that involves quality time together, discovery, and maybe even a little learning! The following Christmas gift idea offers just that. Winner of “Dr. Toy’s Best Vacation Children’s Products Award”, Griddly Games ‘Just add Milk’ science + art kit not only sparks your child’s imagination, but it also exercises their brai...[Read More]

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