Duncan Toys Mountain Wagon

Duncan Toys Mountain Wagon

Duncan Toys Mountain WagonAlmost everyone has memories of riding in a wagon during their childhood. The little red wagon is a popular ride on toys that date back to the 1930s and remain popular today.  A pull-along-wagon makes a great Easter gift. When it comes to selecting a wagon there are lots of choices on the market. Duncan Toys Mountain Wagon plays homage to the classical look of wagons from the past. It is on Today’s Woman’s top of the list for best kids wagon you can buy. Whether you’re taking your kids to the zoo or a trip around the neighborhood Duncan Toys Mountain Wagon is a must.

We looked at various brands of wagons before setting our eyes on the Duncan Toys Mountain Wagon. We previously owned another brand of wagon and were not pleased.  However, I can not  recommend Duncan Toys Mountain Wagon enough.

One of the huge selling points for me was the extra long handle which makes it easy also for taller people like myself to pull. The 4″ grip on the handle provides extra comfort, when pulling.

The wagon’s all-terrain tires support 300 pounds per tire, which is more than any other wagon that we looked at. Therefore mom can jump in the wagon too, though you may have to remove the side panels.  We find the wheels work fantastic on the toughest terrain, so your kids will be ready for any adventure that Spring and summer brings them.

Duncan Toys Mountain Wagon has adequate leg space, and is actually large enough for two children to sit in the wagon comfortably. In addition due to the 300 lb weight capacity this is the perfect wagon for older children.

The body of the wagon is made of high grade seamless steel and extra thick 3/8″ wood side panels provide improved security. The extra wide 18 3/4 wheel base was designed specifically to reduce ‘jackknife’ turning, improve turning radius, and increase safety.

The wagon does not have molded seats nor seat belts, thus children should be older to sit in it safely.

This design of the Duncan Toys Mountain Wagon makes it a great tool for gardening, or other tasks around the house as well. Now if we can just get our daughter to share.

Duncan Toys Mountain Wagon Assembly

Duncan Toys Mountain WagonThe overall assembly of the Duncan Mountain Wagon only takes 30-45 minutes to complete, so don’t be alarmed when you open the box and see all the parts. It’s really quite simple as Duncan has included a very easy to follow instruction booklet that will walk you through the process very quickly from start to finish.

You will need some basic tools like a hammer, flat head screwdriver, and an adjustable wrench.

I used a small socket wrench to make the install a little quicker and to ensure the bolts were tightened enough not to come loose from vibration, etc.

Before you start make sure you have enough room to work. I recommend you use the box that the Duncan wagon came in. Lay it flat on the floor or kitchen table to protect your work surface and the wagon’s surface from scratching or scuffing.

The first step is attaching the hardware for the handle and front axle assembly; you simply attach the bottom plate using 4 small bolts and nuts to the undercarriage of the wagon. Don’t overturn the bolts. You want to make sure that they are firm and snug so they don’t come loose later on.

Next step is installing the locking rotate plate, into the bottom plate we installed first. To accomplish this, we are placing the Duncan Toys Mountain Wagonrotating plate firmly into the bottom plate and place the front axle assembly, over top lining it up with the pre-drilled holes.

Use one small bolt and nut to attach the front axle support arm to the undercarriage of the wagon. Place the large bolt and castle nut through the large hole in the middle of the front axle to attach it to the wagons body.

Do not over tighten the castle nut, as the purpose of the large bolt and castle nut is to allow the handle to turn freely from side-to-side. You will see a small hole in the large bolt this is for the cotter pin. Simply put the cotter pin through the hole and bend the ends to secure it to the bolt to prevent the castle nut from moving or falling off.

Now starting the back axle assembly. There are two support arms that need to be put on the axle one on each side right and left of the axle. Line the back axle assembly up with the pre-drilled holes and use the four small bolts and nuts to fasten it to the under carriage of the wagon.

Now we are done installing the front and back axle assembly for now!

We are going to move onto the side panels. Flip the wagon upright and simply align all four panels with the pre-drilled holes. Attach the side panels one at a time using the ten long bolts and cap nuts. Be sure to have the cap nut facing out and the flat end on the inside of the carriage.

Almost done!Duncan Toys Mountain Wagon

The wagon is almost complete, all we have left now is the installing the wheels and installing the handle to the front axle!

Flip the wagon upside down. Install the four plastic wheel spacers on each axle, as they prevent the tires from rubbing on the axle assembly. Slide one on each side of the axle and you’re onto to installing the tires. Installing the tires, you will need the hammer and axle cap tool and 4 wheel cap locks.

Place the tire on the axle with the air valve facing out. Then place the wheel cap in the axle cap tool and align it so the center opening is over the center of the axle. Tap it on by using the hammer to lock the tires onto the axle assembly. Simply repeat this three more times until all four tires are attached.

Lastly, but not least we install the sturdy steal steering handle.

Insert the bottom end of the handle into the barrel joint and then line it up with the front axle assembly.

You also want the curvature of the handle to be facing the wagon, so it appears the handle is bent inwards and not outwards.

Now you need to install the barrel joint to the front axle arm using the long bolt and lock nut. Line up the holes of the barrel joint to the pre-drilled holes of the front axle arm. Place the long bolt through until it comes out the other end ; attach the nut and you’re done!

Overall, we are very pleased with the Duncan Toys Mountain Wagon. It was easy to assemble and the construction is solid.

In lieu of an Easter Basket this upcoming holiday why not use the Duncan Toys Mountain Wagon.

Duncan Toys Mountain Wagon

About Duncan Toys

For over 85 years, Duncan has crafted classic skill toys for every generation. From schoolyard demonstrators selling hand-carved wooden yo-yo, to modern champions touring the globe, the way we play is always changing, but the reasons we play are not.Duncan is committed to engaging children of all ages and all generations with top quality toys.

Website: https://www.duncantoys.com/

Buy from Amazon: Amazon.com

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  1. This wagon brings back memories of mine when I was a kid, I love these types of wagons and they’ll be around forever!!

  2. That’s a very nice wagon , perfect for walks with the grand kids to the park or around the neighborhood !

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