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Sports dude

Trick Shot Sports is a line of sports figure characters that lets players perform table top action and freestyle play. Whether your child likes football, basketball, baseball, soccer, or hockey, there’s a Trick Shot Sports action dude for them. Kids can collect all 5 Trick Shot Sports team figures. They come with what looks like small sports ball-themed ping-pong balls. To play kids hold the...[Read More]

Disney Princess Toys

Your 4-year-old is quite the little girl now. She has favorite toys and characters and has already probably picked out what she wants for the holidays from Santa. There is a good chance there is a Disney Princess toy somewhere on her list. With a total of 11 princesses, the series is popular among young girls.  From Snow White to Tiana, Disney princesses have been a favorite for girls for generati...[Read More]

Too cold for the kids to play outside during Christmas break? Why not pass the time with something everybody can agree on?  Card games are fun for the entire family.  Stop ‘n Go Card Game by TaliCor is a quick response game that is sure to help with winter boredom. Recommended for children age 4 and up,  you race your way to wining victory in this test of color coordination and fast reflexes...[Read More]

Used particularly in play therapy sessions, the game of Consequences, prompts children to think how their actions not only affect themselves, but those around them. For example, it challenges the player, if they don’t get out of bed, what impact this could this have throughout the day? What Should You Do? The Game of Consequences As a parent, I feel the Consequences Board Game is a useful tool for...[Read More]

University Games

In Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Welcome to Main Street, children visit the neighborhood of make-believe. The game is based on the animated preschool series on PBS. With bright colors and cute illustrations from the show, the game challenges players to spin the spinner and move the Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood characters around the game board, which is set up like Main Street. Whether your little one...[Read More]

New Sprouts play sets- Best Preschool Toy

This holiday season why not consider giving the toddler or preschooler on your shopping list gifts that help promote imaginary play. New Sprouts play sets recommended for ages Toddler and up are the perfect props to spark children’s imagination. Designed especially for little hands to grip, the bright and durable pieces feature a real-life look and feel. They are all washable too! New Sprout...[Read More]


Leap Frog products have always been a favorite in our household and one of our go to toys. We love the toys for their easy, fun learning that grows with our daughter. Melody the Musical Turtle is our new favorite and a must have gift for preschoolers this holiday season.  The smiling turtles ten musical activities prompt children age 2 to 5 to find numbers and colors, repeat sequences from memory ...[Read More]

Whether you’re hosting your having your family over for the holidays or just looking for some winter boredom busters you and your family will love this game from University games. Almost everyone I know has played charades. University Games Kids On Stage Charades is such a fun way to get the kids moving and using their imagination! The game comes with Game board with spinner, 6 playing piece...[Read More]

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