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I Spy Eagle Eye Game

Board games are a fun family activity. Who doesn’t love playing games? In addition to quality time together as a family, children learn how to take turns, as well as board games give an opportunity for parents to teach children how to be a good sport. I spy is a fun and family-friendly guessing game that children of almost any age can play. Many of you will recall playing the game when you were a ...[Read More]

Rubik’s Race from University Games

Are you looking for the perfect retro gift this Christmas for that 80’s fan?This timeless, classic will be a great addition to your  gift recipients family game night.  Rubik’s Race is a re-introduction of the original ’80s game inspired by the Rubik’s Cube. The game adds some friendly competition to the challenge of solving a Rubik’s Cube. Timeless toy- the Rubik’s Cube The orig...[Read More]

Holiday Barbie Dolls

Holiday Barbie dolls were first released in 1988. Since their introduction in 1988, people have been purchasing Holiday Barbies to play with and collect. My oldest daughter now age 26 still has her 1996 Holiday Barbie Doll, though she has passed her on to her younger sister. Holiday Edition Barbie have a little something extra that sets them apart from the standard Barbie line. Mattel’s Holi...[Read More]

Barbie Fashionistas Dolls

As the holiday season approaches we take a look at Barbie. For more than 55 years, Barbie has been a popular request on young girls’ Christmas wish lists. After-all, Barbie has been a global, cultural icon and a source of inspiration and imagination to millions of girls around the world. Since her debut in 1959. Barbie has held more than 180 careers—including teacher, pediatrician, scientist, lawy...[Read More]

Playskool Friends My Little Pony toys

Hasbro  brings a new exciting segment in My Little Pony to children as young as 18 months. Now your growing toddler can discover the fun of My Little Pony with Playskool Friends My Little Pony toys. The perfect size for little hands to hold, these colorful, age-appropriate pony friends feature beloved characters such as Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Applejack. Each Friendship My Little Pony two pack m...[Read More]


Move over Mega bloks. There is a new block in town! Snapo toy building blocks give an interesting twist on creative building. Compared to other popular building blocks on the market, Snapo blocks not only snap on the top and-or bottom, but slide and-or snap on all sides, so your child can create whatever they imagine, all while boosting eye-hand coordination, increasing spacial reasoning and fine ...[Read More]

With so many bath tub toys on the market it can be hard trying to choose the best ones ones. Elmo Bath Adventure Steamboat is the perfect toy for Sesame Street Elmo fans, because it offers so many different ways to play. Recommend for children 18 months-4 years, the steamboat comes apart to reveal five different bath toys all in one. The paddle wheel suctions to the bathtub, so that your little on...[Read More]

Whiffer Sniffers

I’m sure most of you will remember scratch and stiff snickers from the 80’s. Some of you may even remember the scratch and sniff sweaters from the 70’s. I have good news for parents. If you miss the wonderful stickers from your childhood, they can still be yours. Whiffer Sniffers, Bearington Collection have brought back the scented sensation scratch and stiff snickers for a new d...[Read More]

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