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DIY Klutz, Jr. My Little Night Light kit

Fear of the dark is one of the most common fears of children. While children’s fear of the dark usually resolves around age 4 or 5, it not uncommon for children as old as 8 or 9 to still have fears of the dark. Children can help over-come fears with a night-light. This upcoming holiday season why not get your kids excited to turn out the lights with the DIY Klutz, Jr. My  Night Light kit. Th...[Read More]

Disney Tangled the Series Swinging Locks Castle play set

With the launch of the Disney Tangled the Series comes new Disney merchandise. Kids will love to recreate their favorite Tangled moments with the latest Rapunzel items from Hasbro. If you have a Disney Tangled fan in your household like I do then they are going to love the Disney Tangled the Series Swinging Locks Castle play set from Hasbro. Inspired by the Disney Channel animated TV series, the D...[Read More]

Om Nom Nom Board Game

Om Nom Nom board game is a simply card/ dice game in which you try to guess the intentions of your opponents by being first to catch  prey and eat each others cards. To play: Three boards are placed in the center of the table at the beginning of the game. The boards show a different set of animals/food in predatory order. Example: Cat/Mouse/Cheese. Each player chooses a color and takes all 6 corre...[Read More]

DISC JOCK-e™ - Tucker Toys

The Disc Jock-e™ Frisbee by Tucker Toys is designed similar to other Frisbee model, but now you can listen to your favorite songs simply by syncing your tablet or cell phone to the flying disc. You can even turn up the volume, play, or pause right from the disc itself simply by using the easy-to-push buttons. The connection is very easy to set up and we find the sound quality to be quite impressiv...[Read More]

lol surprise dolls

Every holiday season there is some “must have” toy that every child wants and parents struggle to find. This year, next to Fingerlings, the must have toy goes by the name of L.O.L.Surprise. The LOL Surprise doll by MGA Entertainment is the hot new blind pack sensation. Recommended for ages 3 and up, every L.O.L. Surprise doll comes with a number of unexpected features that kids can discover as the...[Read More]

Cuddle barn

Bring instant fun and laughter into your home this holiday season with Cuddle Barn animated musical plush. Cuddle Barn is the industry leader in animated musical plush toys with each one being made of high quality. Their plush feature popular songs from everyone’s favorite classics to contemporary hits, along with many popular children’s tunes. Cuddle Barn has a wide assortment of animated m...[Read More]

E-Z Grip balls

With so many electronics on the market today geared to our children there is a growing concern about getting kids outdoors and more active. If you need some inspiration on what to buy your child or teen this Christmas that will get them outside and having fun might we suggest the E-Z grip line of sports balls from Tucker Toys. What makes the E-Z Grip line perfect is the super tactile grip, along w...[Read More]

Barbie Dream Camper

If you grew up in the 70’s you might recall Barbie’s Yellow & Orange (vinyl covered cardboard) RV looking camper. You may have even owned one. I remember mine and the hours of fun I had playing with my RV camper. Fast forward to 2017, and Barbie is living large. The hottest new toy for the Barbie brand this year is the Barbie Dream Camper. This hot pink camper is the ultimate Barbi...[Read More]

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