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Three Ways In Which Poor Nutrition Can Affect Your Child’s Health And Development

Every parent wants what is best for their child. In most cases people focus on academic or sporting success, seeing these as key ways to ensure your child can do and be what they want. While this is a viable and understandable approach, it often means families are exceptionally busy and, as a result, mealtimes are often truncated affairs where convenient food takes centre stage. Unfortunately, processed and fast foods generally have a lot of salt and sugar in them, as well as preservatives and other artificial ingredients. Poor nutrition can lead to issues for your child’s health and development as they age.

It’s important that you, and anyone that looks after your children such as this childcare Chifley, adopt a healthy approach to nutrition. This can help your child develop good eating habits for life and avoid the following health and development issues.

  1. Sleep & Behavioural issues

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This doesn’t happen to all children that have an unhealthy diet. But, it is a common issue and you should be concerned. When children have a diet low in nutrition their bodies are likely to be craving certain nutrients to help them function properly.

If they don’t have these then they won’t get quality sleep. A lack of sleep leads to irritability, behavioural issues, and a variety of other problems. They will certainly struggle to focus on learning and their education is likely to be impaired.

  1. Cardiovascular Disease

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Children don’t generally have an issue with cardiovascular disease unless they are very obese and perhaps have other health issues. But, poor nutrition and eating habits are likely to stay with your child. They are likely to continue to eat and look after themselves in the same way as they grow.

This means they will be consuming a high-fat and high-sugar diet, increasing the likelihood of obesity and the associated health risks. This includes type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular issues.

By simply adopting a healthier diet today for your child you can break the cycle, encouraging them to make their own food choices.

  1. Lack Of Growth/Development


Children need a balanced diet to ensure they get all the vitamins and minerals they need. These nutrients, alongside proteins, carbohydrates, vegetables, and even healthy fats, all contribute to cell growth in a child.

If they are missing nutrients then it is likely that growth will be slowed or occur abnormally. In other words, your child may be stunted physically and emotionally.

Of course, the knock-on effect of this is further emotional issues as they realize they are not developing in the same way as their peers. This can damage self-confidence and cause an array of issues later in life.

A little girl eats a burger

Poor nutrition has also been linked to food disorders, tooth decay, a lack of energy, and even difficulty concentrating. You can prevent these issues by simply looking at your current diet and adjusting it to a healthier one. That’s a great present to give your child.




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