Colorforms 70th addition

Colorforms 70th Anniversary Edition Set

ColorformsColorforms have been around for longer than I have been alive. The toy came to life in the 1950s when art students, Harry and Patricia Kislevitz, bought rolls of flexible vinyl to create large works of art. They soon discovered that the colorful vinyl could stick to walls and offer a fun new medium for children’s imaginative play. If you have never heard of Colorforms, the pieces are used to create picture graphics and designs, which can then be changed countless times by repositioning the removable color forms.



The very first Colorforms set, which can be seen at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)in New York was hand-cut by Patricia Kislevitz. Today, Coloforms has evolved into a myriad of innovations and licenses and inspired the preschool-favorite Netflix series Charlie’s Colorforms City, which is produced by 9 Story Media Group.

Today, over one billion Colorforms sets have sold around the world since first being released in 1951. Just in time for the holiday season, you can honor the tradition of this classic toy with the Colorforms 70th Anniversary Edition set.

The anniversary set features over 500 colorful repositionable and interchangeable geometric stick-on for hours of mess-free, screen-free, creative play.

This 70th Anniversary Edition of Colorforms is a set of features from the classic style of Colorforms with the reusable sticker picture toy. Set includes 4 sheets of 500 reusable stickers, 2 scene panels, and an idea guide.

ColorformsIt was named one of Time Magazine’s Top 100 Toys of all time, Colorforms repositionable sets have captivated generations of children with hours of imaginative storytelling and open-ended play.

Plus Colorforms are mobile too so you can take them with you on the road. The travel sets have a double-sided scene that folds like a pamphlet for easy packing. Each Colorforms set has a specific theme with stickers to match the scenes. All sets are interchangeable with other Colorforms sets so you can build unique custom sets.

The front side of Colorforms where the picture scene panel is always has a colorful picture of a location, and the reverse side of the Colorforms has an outline of shapes of multiple objects, like people and animals for intuitive shape building. The scenes are also magnetic, allowing them to stick together or be placed on a steel object like a refrigerator or freezer.

Our daughter just loves the Colorforms sets. After some time has gone by, we wonder what she is up to as she is just so quiet – yet she is still creating and playing with the set. We have even taken it on road trips and she stays occupied in the car creating new pictures even sticking them to her window.

Colorforms are for ages 5+ and up but are fun for all ages and are a great gift idea for this Christmas season.

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