Cry Babies Storyland Alice

Cry Babies Storyland Alice

Cry BabyAllow us to introduce you to one of the top toys for the 2021 holiday season. This toy is so popular that Indigo has already sold out once. Meet Cry Babies Storyland Alice. She looks like she stepped right out of Wonderland with her blonde rooted hair and sparkly blue eyes.

She is dressed in a Wonderland-themed outfit – a changeable pink long sleeve hoodie with a blue bow on the hood, paired with a white frock with card theme details on the trim, blue and white striped leggings, and a pair of black shoes. Wipe away the tears from her eyes as you listen to her realistic baby sounds.

Like all Cry Babies, Alice cries real water tears and makes 10+ realistic baby sounds when you remove her pacifier! If you have never heard these dolls cry, the crying is rather loud. Parents will be glad to know there is an ‘off switch for when Alice’s crying gets a little bit too much. For more fun, Alice’s arms and legs are movable.

Like other Cry Babies, the compartment for putting in water to enable Alice to cry is under the hood of her hoodie. Make sure Alice is off and the pacifier is in her mouth before pouring the water in. Also, use bottled water to fill her and not tap water. Fill the water compartment about ¾ full.

If the doll isn’t crying, press the button below the water compartment a few times. When Alice is not being played with be sure to empty the water from her to prevent any of the parts inside from becoming moldy.

Cry Babies Storyland Alice requires 2 AAA batteries to operate. She does come with batteries already installed, but we do suggest changing them as they are for in-store use only.

Cry Babies Storyland is very cute, and her outfit is interchangeable, meaning it can be removed and washed over time, and also the dummy is attached via ribbon so there is no chance of it getting lost and having to listen to the crying. Her outfit is also very easy to remove and put back on again.

Cry Babies Storyland Alice is a wonderful addition to the Cry Babies line. She would make a wonderful gift this holiday season.



Cry Babies Storyland can be purchased exclusively at

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