VIP Pets Color Boost

VIP Pets Color Boost and VIP Pets Color Boost Mini Fans

VIP PetsFrom IMC Toys the company behind Cry Babies comes a whole new line of VIP Pets in time for the holiday season. Like other VIP Pets, the new series is aimed at children aged five-plus and my eight-and-a-half-year-old daughter is head over heels for them. First up is VIP Pets Color Boost.

Now children can take the fun of creating hairstyles for their pets to the next level and add a boost of color to their VIP Pets in multiple ways! The 9 main characters come with a new colorful look and 3 new friends, adding Wanda, Bianca, and Jazzy to the crew! That makes a total of 12 different dolls to collect!

Color Boost comes in a shampoo bottle shape and is covered by an iridescent curtain. Twist the cap of your shampoo to REVEAL the hidden character! Your child can then remove the bottom of the capsule to unbox a bag full of accessories, including sunglasses for the VIP Pet, hair ties, hair styling tools, and more.

The pets sit nicely in their spa chairs and can stick to the counter for added support with the included suction cup. I highly suggest you do this because of the length of their hair. It makes it easy to brush and style their hair this way. To add pops of color to your VIP Pet’s hair, kids can place the tiny brick of colored wax inside the mini-hair tool and then run the tool through the pet’s hair. Children can wipe their VIP Pet’s face with a wet cloth to reveal a fancy eye makeup look.

VIP Pets Mini Fans

VIP Pets

VIP PetsVIP Pets Mini fans are the superfans of the larger VIP Pets. Unlike the larger size VIP Pets, the mini pets are true to their name. Series 1 features 13 pets for kids to collect. The Mini Fans come in a heart-shaped container — in either light pink or hot pink. When children dip the capsule into the water, yellow, teal and purple colors will fizz and unlock what’s inside the heart-shaped container. Inside your child will find their pet, three accessories unique to that character, a comb, and a collector’s sheet. Each Mini Fan has 8 inches of colorful hair and comes in different hairstyles, like braids, pigtails, and ponytails.

VIP Pets

The container doubles as a playset, so your child can decorate it with the included sticker sheet and transform it into a hair salon for their new pet. The personalized accessories include ribbons, hair ties, headbands, and more.


Miss P loves opening and revealing the hair colors of her VIP Pets. She has spent hours, styling their hair and changing up the accessories. For kids who love bling and unboxing toys VIP Pets Color Boost and their mini fans are a fun addition to the surprise unboxing fad. Price-wise for the size of the end toy it’s not too bad.

Both new VIP Pet toys would make a wonderful gift for children who love unboxing toys.

The fun doesn’t have to stop with VIP pets play. Check out the five-minute episodes of Vip pets on IMC’s official YouTube channel, Kitoons.


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