OranguTwang Kids Game Review

Nothing makes the holidays more fun than some new games that you can play with the children on game night. Today we bring you a  fun, suspenseful and wild game from Orangutwang, the makers of Play Monster who brought us Yeti Forgetti, which we recently reviewed. Orangutwang is the perfect family game for ages four and up, though younger children will be able to play with some guidance.


The OranguTwang game box includes a die,  two palm trees, a game base, a toucan lever, a vine string, an Orangutan, and hanging game pieces: Coconuts, bananas,  pineapples, geckos, and bats.


Out of the box, Orangutwang is super easy to put together. Once assembled lift the toucan up until you hear a click, and hang the orangutang on the vine. The youngest player can go first, or the player who can say “banana”  five times fast goes first!


Lift the lever then players take turns rolling the die and placing fruit and animals directly on the orangutan. The object of the game is to not have the orangutan jump off the vine(go twang) making everything go flying. A star on the die means you can skip that turn, and if you roll something where all items have been hung, you roll again.


We did note at times the Orangutang is easy to trigger.  The toucan lever is also very touching and pulling on the string can damage the spring in the lever.

Winning the game

If you are the one to send the Orangutang twanging then the player before you is the winner.

Miss P loves adding the pieces to the Orangutang and the suspense of not knowing when he’d go twang. Overall, OranguTwang is a fun game that teaches hand-eye coordination as well as patience. It’s a quick and easy game for kids to learn, and it doesn’t need batteries.

Website: https://www.playmonster.com

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3 thoughts on “OranguTwang Kids Game Review

  1. I have this game and my granddaughter loves playing it, the only thing I don’t like is when the orangutan flies off the rope, I jump every single time..lol, but this game is fun and great for the younger crowd

  2. I have this game and it’s fun to play but it makes me jump every single time the monkey flies off the rope..lol

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