How A Car Accident Can Affect Your Family

How A Car Accident Can Affect Your Family

Car accidents are spontaneous and repercussions can adversely affect you and your loved ones. Words cannot explain the physical, emotional, mental, and financial damage you could suffer during the aftermath of an accident. In the unfortunate case that one of your family members loses their life, they leave a void that can never be filled. If the accident was caused by negligence, you must fight for your rights and ensure you get compensation for damages, pain, and suffering. Let’s explain how a car accident can affect your family to help you fight for your rights.

Emotional damage

Most people focus on the physical injuries and the financial losses associated with a car accident. However, a car accident can cause severe emotional damage to those involved. Passengers might develop post-traumatic stress disorder and not wish to get into a car ever again. You might also develop depression, especially after witnessing your family member lose their life or become seriously injured.

Death or severe physical injuries

car accident

One of the worst things that could happen to you is to lose your loved one in a car accident. The situation becomes worse if the deceased is the sole breadwinner. If you were lucky enough to be involved in a minor car accident, you might leave with a few scrapes and bruises. However, a severe car accident can leave you and your family members with deep cuts that leave permanent scars. You could also end up with severe brain injuries or a fractured spinal cord. Some victims also report losing their limbs after a car accident or going through an amputation.

Loss of the vehicle

If your family was involved in a severe car accident, the car might be out of commission for a few days until it is repaired. Running errands, going to work, and picking up the kids becomes a tedious task without a car to provide the much-needed convenience. You will have to go out of your way to seek alternative means of transport, especially if you only have one car. If your vehicle was totaled during the accident, the family might not have enough funds to purchase a new vehicle.

Missed time at work

Breadwinners involved in a car accident might need time off work to stay in the hospital or recuperate from their injuries. Some employers might not understand your situation and deduct a certain amount from your monthly wage to make up for when you did not show up to work. The lost wages will put a financial strain on the family when they desperately need the money to cover various costs.

Legal battles

If the other driver was in the wrong and refused to compensate you for your losses, the best course of action would be to fight for your rights. It is quite hard to maneuver the case on your own. This is why you need a team of pedestrian accident lawyers who understand the court system. It would be best to remain resilient and patient as the legal processes could be time-consuming and mentally draining.

High medical bills


Whether or not you were injured in a car accident, it would be best to seek medical attention. However, these visits to the doctor are pretty costly, especially if your loved one was severely injured in the accident. Treatments you might need to pay for at the hospital include therapists, accommodation at the hospital, surgery, physical aids, and rehabilitation. Even though you are worried about your financial future due to these burdensome medical bills, you are most likely entitled to compensation if the other driver was in the wrong.

Inability to perform mundane tasks

Without a car, it becomes a challenge to move from one place to another. If you left the hospital in crutches or a wheelchair, you might experience difficulty getting out of bed, showering, and walking up the stairs. Your family members will have to chip in and help you around the house until you can walk independently.

A lower credit rating


A car accident comes with many immediate costs. Your pockets might not be deep enough to cater to all these expenses, forcing your medical bills to be sent to collections. In the long run, your family’s credit rating becomes ruined as you will be charged high interest rates when you need to replace your totalled car or seek urgent medical attention.

Wrap up

After a car accident, your wounds might run so deep that you might feel no amount of time will heal them. However, it would be best to take things one day at a time until you get used to the new normal. Ensure that you seek proper medical and legal help to fight for your health and rights!

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