7 Simple And Easy Steps To Choosing The Right Family Tent

Camping can be a lot of fun, but it’s important for your family and camping trip to have the right family tent. You don’t want to spend time squeezing together all night long in an uncomfortable place where you won’t get any sleep! Families need to be happy in their homes, which is why you shouldn’t take the issue of getting a good tent lightly. I know that’s not what your family wants either, and so here are some essential considerations for finding one.

Family tent buying guide: How to choose

Tent capacity and storage space

You need to find a tent that’s the right size for your family. The number one thing is checking how many people it can accommodate – so look at both figures provided by manufacturers together with an extra “+” if necessary!

As a rule of thumb, the number of people you plan on sleeping in a tent with added by 1 is the tent capacity you need for your adventure.

The tent is where you will spend most of your time while camping. It has to be comfortable and provide enough space for all those essentials like sleeping, cooking food, etc., but it also requires some amenities that can make this experience fun too!

A family reunion should have plenty more than simply catching up over meals; Henceforth an additional storeroom would come handy when setting up camp far away from home.”


Tent layout


There are a lot of factors that should be considered when picking out your family’s tent, but one thing is for certain: the layout.

If you have any young children or plan on having more than two people living in it together during camping trips with kids this could definitely come into play because they require their own space too!

A separate bedroom will help assure them of always being able to wake up without parents nearby at night if required, while still allowing moms/dads plenty of time alone if desired.

The side-by-side layout is the best for growing families. It allows you to sleep in between your children, while the kids get to enjoy the warmth of their parents.

Lastly, consider tents where the middle space is the common room. This is a great option for your family because the middle space can serve as both a living and dining area. There will also be plenty of room to sleep on each end, but if you want extra space specifically with bedrooms then separate tents might be more suitable depending on how many years apart are being slept by kids or adults!

Tent weight

If you’re looking for a tent that can house your whole family, it’s important to consider how much weight the finished product will have. Are they too bulky and difficult when carrying on foot?

If so, this may be an indication their size isn’t appropriate if hiking or other outdoor activities like biking are planned as well (especially since these types of tents usually need more space). A better idea would involve getting one with lightweight features but still provides ample room inside where everyone feels comfortable during trips outside!


A lighter or smaller model may not matter as much when travelling by car if its volume isn’t an issue but instead check how big a folded up size fits into one’s trunk and whether storage at home would pose problems because some tents can take up quite a bit more space than others depending on their design

Tent height

If you are tall, the right tent will be just enough to make your camping trip comfortable. Most family tents should at least have a height of 1 meter (40 inches) but if you want or need more space there’s an option for up to 2 meters (78″) that offer even greater comfort while standing upright inside the tent.

Tent type

The best tent type for your family depends on how you intend to use it. Here are the different types to consider:



Dome-shaped tents are a great option for family camping trips. They can sleep up to four people, making it an excellent choice when you want more space but don’t necessarily need something fancy or expensive! The domes self-support system makes them easy enough even without guy lines – meaning they’re stable and will stay together no matter what happens during bad weather conditions like heavy rainstorms (which often happen at higher elevations) or hot weather camping.


Tunnel tents have loops of fabric at each end, which form a large tunnel or circle when extended. The interior space is much larger and more comfortable than other types because it has spacious bedrooms with ample room inside them as well; this also makes the tent ideal if you’re looking forward to camping with people who would like their own private area at night!


Hybrid types strike a balance between the dome and tunnel tents. You can combine the advantages of the two by buying hybrid tents.

Cabin tent

family tent

For those who are looking for a 5-star hotel experience while camping, cabin tents offer the best option. They have upright poles that make walls straight providing plenty of space with inner partitions to create smaller rooms inside and multiple doors giving your family enough ventilation.

Tent materials

A tent is supposed to be your home for the night, so it’s important that you find one with high water-resistant quality.

Polyester isn’t always best because of its low durability and susceptibility towards punctures from sharp objects like tree branches or rocks while higher grades polyester offers more protection against these types of hazards but are heavy due to their increased strength which makes carrying them around difficult on top of being more expensive.

Other tents are made with poly-cotton, which can be more expensive than their counterparts but also warmer in cold weather and cooler when hot! Consider protecting your tent by using some sort of footprint as well so you don’t damage anything underneath it while camping or hiking over rough terrain.


Price and quality

A tent is an investment. The price and quality go hand in hand when buying a new one, especially if you plan on using it daily for weeks or months at a time- but what about those of us that just need something to use from time to time? If this sounds like your situation then there are some great deals out there! There’s no point spending too much when you won’t use it that often.

Key Insights & Takeaway!

Now that you know what to look for in a family tent, it’s time to start reading reviews. Make sure the one you pick has all of those features and doesn’t have any negative feedback!


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