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BlingerBlinger is set to be the next big fashion accessory. The styling tool which started as a successful Kickstarter project, was the brainchild of mompreneur Angie Cella. It was Angie’s dream to see Blinger on store shelves and now thanks to Wicked Cool Toys that dream is now reality. With Blinger from Wicked Cool Toys kids can quickly and easily add gemstones to hair, clothes, accessories, and more.

gem tool

Gems are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors which adds to the fun.

How to use the Blinger Tool

Blinger ToolTo begin,  add one of the discs into the Blinger by releasing the stretchy band from the bottom of the Blinger. Press down on the tab located in the front center of the carousel and pull up at the same time. Insert one of the discs with the gems on it facing upward onto the pegs inside the carousel. Gems should be located in the center of each hole. Once done press down the clear cover on top. Now you are ready to add some bling.

Once you load the Blinger,  place your piece of fabric or a thick strand of hair into the bottom clamp of the Blinger. Once the item you want to bling is in place,  press down on the outside of the tool.

Blinger from Wicked Cool Toys

We love Blinger

Hair stylerMiss P.  loves all things sparkly and glittery. When she learned about Blinger she couldn’t wait to give it a try.  Surprisingly, Blinger is super easy for her to use. Although it’s geared for children 6 and up, even younger children will be able to use the tool. Miss P. caught on fairly easy once I demonstrated how to use it.

Since a girl can never have too much sparkle, she chose to add a simple array of gems to the edges of her sunglasses.

She was also inspired by one of Blinger’s Instagram posts to try out the styling tool on her skechers.

the ultimate Glam Styling Tool

In addition to adding bling to her sunglasses, she had fun adding gems to her vest,  purse, and hair bow.


She had many more items she wanted to add bling to, but sadly we ran out of gems. She can’t wait for School on Tuesday so she can show her friends what she blinged.

The Blinger is going to come in super handy for adding bling to her hair for dance recital or upcoming Christmas photos. Blinger gems can easily be brushed out of the hair or  you can easily pull them off of your fashions or accessories.

Fashionistas Can Easily Add a Bit of Sparkle, Shine, and Gemstones to Their Look


Each kit comes loaded with seventy-five adhesive gems on five disks. In addition to the Blinger Diamond Collection, refill packs are also available Blingerincluding the 5 Piece Sparkle Collection (75 Gems) for $9.99 and the 20 Piece Allure Collection (300 Gems) for $29.99.

To learn more about Blinger and Wicked Cool Toys, visit

This holiday season a Blinger kit is the perfect gift. We recommend that you order one before the Christmas rush. We have a feeling that this is going to be a top toy this holiday season.

Blinger is available now at Target, Amazon, and other retailers nationwide.

Let us know in the comments what you think of Blinger from Wicked Cool Toys.



About Wicked Cool Toys (LLC/WCT)

Wicked Cool Toys (WCT) was founded in 2012 to make playtime the most fun ever!  The team is an expert at creating unique and innovative products that surprise, delight, and bring smiles to the faces of kids ages 1 to 101.  Iconic brands such as Pokémon, Cabbage Patch Kids®, Micro Machines® have turned to Wicked Cool Toys to be their global master toy partner.  The award-winning company is also behind some of the most whimsical and category-defying products you’ll see on store shelves today including Blinger™, a new glam styling tool, Hank’s Twisted Challenge™, Lunch Pets™ and Swarm Squad™.


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5 thoughts on “Blinger from Wicked Cool Toys

  1. What an awesome kit! My granddaughter would be blinging everything.This set will be going on my Holiday shopping list.

  2. Wow,this certainly is cool. My granddaughters love everything that’s sparkly and glittery also they sure would have fun with this !.Young or old we all love big fashion accessories and to make our own would be so much fun.Thanks for the introduction to this,sure would make a lovely gift for the upcoming holiday !

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