furReal Mama Josie the Kangaroo

FurReal Mama Josie the Kangaroo

This upcoming holiday season your child(ren) is going to fall in love with FurReal Mama Josie the Kangaroo from Hasbro. Mama Josie is a gorgeous golden color kangaroo featuring a pink bow on one of her ears. She also comes with some surprises too. Not only does Mama Josie have more than 70 different super cute, funny, and lovable sounds and motions, but Hasbro has added a fun unboxing experience to Mama.

She comes with 3 cute baby joeys for your child(ren) to love and take care of.  One baby’ Joey is a boy, the other a girl, and the third one is a surprise! Unbox all 3 for the big gender reveal. We unboxed a boy Joey. The three little Joeys also come with must-have accessories like bottles, little animal toys, and more.

Hasbro - Fur Real Mama Josie The Kangaroo

So many sound-and-motion combinations

To activate furReal Mama Josie the Kangaroo simply switch the botton to on- which is located underneath Mama Josie’s bottom. As soon as Mama Josie is on she will begin to make sound. She will also dance. Press down on her right hand to activate music for her to hop to. She can even move her head and arms; hold her babies in her paw (one at a time, of course) and kiss them.

Hasbro - Fur Real Mama Josie The Kangaroo Hasbro - Fur Real Mama Josie The Kangaroo

Mama comes with four accessories, one of them is a frappe to keep Mama awake and alert for her joey babies.

furReal Mama Josie the Kangaroo

When she’s ready to drink, put the drink against the bottom of her mouth and press down- this will activate slurping sounds. She makes all kinds of sounds when drinking such as munching, slurping, and hiccuping. Mama will even let you know when she is full by burping.

Mama has two nobs on each hand that will hold her frappe and a Joey. You can clip a baby joey on her left hand and a bottle on the right hand to feed her. The two other Joey babies will fit in her pouch.

Miss P has wanted a FurReal for some time now and loves her Mama Josie the Kangaroo. The different sounds make it enjoyable to play with and it is certainly getting lots of play in our household.

The only drawback is that I wish Mama Josie bounced. My daughter doesn’t really care either way though. She loves her new Kangaroo and has asked for FurReal Walkalots Big Wags Unicorn for her birthday.


Mama Josie is sure to captivate young ones this holiday season! She requires 4 “AA” batteries. Mama Josie is available at most major toy retailers.

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