Top wireless home products of 2016

Who doesn’t love new gadgets? When something new comes out, you simply have to have it. If this is the case in your home, these are a few of the top wireless home products. They are not only fun to play with, but also offer value and use for your family as well.

The hub

 top wireless home productsSmart home hubs are a must have, but what are they? These systems allow you to control the thermostat, check the lawn to make sure the sprinklers are on (or off), monitor lighting, or even check security settings on the PC so your kids don’t go on sites they shouldn’t if you aren’t home. These technologies are being integrated into new 4K TV sets today, but you can also buy a standalone system for streamlined home operation.

LED Bulb

Smart Bulb Want to save money on electric bills? Want the room to feel a bit cooler? Want to set the lighting to the ideal setting? With these LED smart bulbs you can do all of these things. They are cool to the touch, offer exceptional lighting capabilities, and best of all, you’ll see a huge reduction in your electric bill in no time.


ThermostatsWith Nest, and other top brands, you can customize your home the way you desire. These smart systems not only learn when you are home, they automatically adjust for you. If the room is hot, if you like a certain temperature at bedtime, if you need different temperatures in every room, they will automatically adjust as such for every home. Smart, intuitive, and helps reduce energy bills.

There are dozens of products out there, and dozens of new gadgets being released by the day. These are some smart systems which not only make your home more enjoyable, but can improve safety, keep your home streamlined, and even help you cut back on operational bills in the home.

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