Magnetic Construction Sets

Supermag Magnetic Construction Sets

SuperMag Magnetic Construction Sets are an excellent alternative to traditional blocks that children play with. Easy to put together, and take apart, these magnetic construction sets foster creative design and inspire creativity. Unlike most modern toys, SuperMag Magnetic Construction Sets is a popular hands-on building toy that will appeal to a wide range of ages. SuperMag is also compatible with other magnetic sets.

SuperMag Maxi Children’s Magnetic Construction Set

Supermag Magnetic Construction Sets We own the SuperMag Maxi, which is a magnetic building set that comes with 66 pieces. The colors are all primary colors which are red, green, yellow, blue and white.The magnetic rods come in two different lengths to make 3D structures stronger. There are six large bars, thirty of the smaller rods and thirty metal balls included in this building set.


This magnetic set isn’t just fun to play with it. It also encourages imagination at the same time helping children learn about magnetism and STEM construction concepts. It also helps improve kids coordination, space recognition, fine and gross motor skills and communication skills.

Supermag Magnetic Construction Sets

Supermag Magnetic Construction Sets Depending on which set you purchase items can be built as little or large as the imagination allows.

Children will need to figure out how to support the weight of their designs by connecting the rods. This can be tricky. However, it will teach them a basic understanding of architectural engineering.


SupermagYour fingerlings can even grip to the structures you have built allowing you to incorporate other toys into your play.

The manufacturers recommended age for the magnetic building sets is three and up. However, Today’s Woman gives SuperMag Magnetic Construction Sets a recommended age of five and up due to the small magnets and balls. If you have very young children in the house be careful of stray balls and be sure to clean up after play is over. The small balls do pose a choking hazard for younger children.

Safety aside, SuperMag Magnetic Construction Sets are a wonderful option for older children. A large set would make a wonderful joint gift especially if you have multiple children to buy for in one household.


Supermag 3D Pony

Supermag 3D PonySuperMag carries a few 3D tridimensional puzzle sets. Choose from a pony, T-rex, truck, house or castle. With its magnetic rods and balls and colorful inserts, children can experience flexibility while building a 3D puzzle.

Our pony was very stable to build. However, the instructions were not very clear. It definitely wasn’t something Miss P was able to do independently without help.

The flat plastic connector tiles are hard to snap together, and it took two adults and one child a significant amount of time to actually figure out that the tiles were suppose to snap together. This should be clear in the instructions. While the set is cute, the SuperMag Maxi set appealed to Miss 6 more.

Supermag 3D Pony

Nonetheless, that is not to say your child won’t love any of the 3D tridimensional puzzle sets.



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