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aGreatLife Wooden Balancing Cactus Toy

aGreatLife Wooden Balancing Cactus ToyWith screens and electronics so present in kids’ lives, it is time to get back to classic toys. Turn off the iPads and have some family fun with aGreatLife Wooden Balancing Cactus Toy.

As regular readers will know, here in the Today’s Woman household we love classic wooden toys. Interacting with classic toys such as the balancing cactus can provide infinite opportunities for learning and development. The balancing cactus enhances cognitive skills, fine motor skills, perception, and patience.

From early concepts like color identification and developing fine motor skills, to more advanced concepts like developing logic, co-ordination, perception and even mathematical skills, this simple, colorful cactus will quickly become a playtime favorite.

How to play aGreatLife Wooden Balancing Cactus


aGreatLife Wooden Balancing Cactus ToyThe Balancing Cactus is a strategic game for 1-2 players. The cactus balance toy is straightforward to play. Take the wooden pegs and attach them to the base without letting the wooden cactus fall over!  The stems are different sizes and weights, therefore placing the stems in the wrong place will cause the cactus to tumble over. This may be a little difficult for younger players, but older children should have no problem attaching the pieces. It does take practice to attach spikes to the cactus tree without it falling over.

In the beginning my daughter did need some assistance. However, now she is able to do it all on her own without it tumbling. I love how each game can be quite different as you can build up the cactus in various ways.

aGreatLife Wooden Balancing Cactus Toy

aGreatLife Wooden Balancing Cactus ToyIf you successfully put the cactus together you can also play by challenging yourself to take it apart without tipping.

With aGreatLife Wooden Balancing Cactus Toy children can play on their own or with friends taking turns to add a piece. Playing together helps develop language skills in younger player.

Overall this is a very well made game. We find the game pieces to be sturdy and well made. The classic toy comes in an attractive retro box and the set includes a high-quality Eco-bag to store all the pieces in when play time is over!

Miss P has made a quick video to show you how the toy works.

If you are looking where to purchase montessori toys look no further than aGreatLife.

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  1. Thank you for sharing!! This toy will be great for mind stimulation as it has challenging factors that keep things interesting. I will pass this along to my family members as it would make a great Christmas gift for many children.🎁!

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