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Socker Bopper Big Time Toys Hopper Balls

Socker Bopper Bounce into the Christmas season with Big Time Toys Socker Bopper Hopper Balls. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, available in various styles little ones will be bouncing in style. These retro toys that you may recall from your childhood give little ones plenty of benefits beyond mere fun.

Socker Bopper Hippity Hop balls are great for kids to expend some energy indoors during the cold winter months when it is too cold to play outside. They are also perfect for improving balance, core strengthening, and boasting motor skills. And hopper balls are safer than a trampoline

What better gift to give this upcoming Christmas season than a toy that promotes kids to get active?

Inflating Big Time Toys Hopper Balls

We find Socker Bopper Hippity Hop hopper balls inflate and deflate easily. Each ball can be inflated to 15 inches with a regular hand pump. To inflate remove the hopper ball from the packaging. Lay the hopper ball out flat. Using either a bike pump or balloon pump, inflate the ball. Insert the plug into the valve opening.  Your Socker Bopper Hippity Hop hopper ball is now ready to use.

Socker Bopper Hippity Hop Hopper Balls Product ReviewBig Time Toys Hopper Balls

The handle is soft and fits in little hands nicely. Vinyl construction is strong and durable. We find that the product holds up well, is of good quality, and did not need constant refilling. Socker Bopper Hippity Hop balls do take some good balancing. After a few failed attempts at balancing herself on the ball, Miss P is now a champion bouncer, bouncing throughout the house.

They are on the smaller side, compared to the competition. Miss P is 48 inches tall, so the 15 inches was a little small for her height. Big Time Toys Hopper Balls are better suited for a child aged three to age five. Therefore I think we will be investing in a larger bouncy ball. Nonetheless, you can see in our video that she is having fun.  I couldn’t find a weight limit on the ball, but I will assume up to 100 lbs. Overall, we highly recommend Socker Bopper Hippity Hop from Big Time Toys. I just wish they offered size options for older children and adults, as I secretly want a Hopper ball. I guess it is no longer a secret! Admit it. You want one too.

When considering hopper balls, it’s important to think of safety first and foremost, while we highly recommend  Big Time Toys Hopper Balls supervision is still required.

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Here is your chance to win a Hopper Ball from Big Time Toys.  Big Time Toys will choose which ball you receive as designs vary. The giveaway is open to US & Canadian followers 18 years and over.

Socker Bopper Big Time Toys Hopper Ball

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  1. awe man how can you say, they have so many cool toys BANZAI Bump N Bounce Body Bumpers N would be really cool with the boys since well they are boys

  2. I think my kids would love the Big Time Toys Socker Bopper Power Bag Standing Inflatable Punching Bag for Kids

  3. Big Time Toys Socker Bopper Power Bag Standing Inflatable Punching Bag for Kids would be a hit in our home !

  4. My grandchildren would love the Big Time Toys Socker Bopper Power Bag Standing Inflatable Punching Bag for Kids! Too fun! Great exercise too!

  5. I think the Big Time Toys Moon Shoes Bouncy Shoes would be so much fun, and I’m sure my grandchildren would have a blast with them!

  6. The Soccer Bopper Power Bag reminds me of the inflatable clown I had as a kid that had the sand filled at the base. Pretty much the same principal. Brings back memories. The Body Bubble balls look like fun! I know my grandson would love that Dinosaur Flashlight!! (Thinking Christmas Gift here 🙂 )

  7. Wow! classic toys making a come back is always great to see our kids enjoying the classics. I had one of these as a kid and loved it. Ohh the memories

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