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smART sketcher Projector-Learn to Draw

With back to school only a few weeks away we here at Today’s Woman have just the item to add to your back to school shopping list. The smART sketcher projector from Flycatcher promotes artistic ability, fine motor skills and STEAM education skills. If you have never heard of STEAM- STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics.

Setting up your smART sketcher Projector

SmART sketcher ReviewThe projector is supper easy to set up. Simply separate the blue projector head from the white base unit. Insert the blue unit into the top of the white base until you hear a click. Pull out the blue legs at the base of the projector. The front feet on the smART sketcher helps hold the paper in place as your child works.

Plug the AC adapter into the back of the unit. You can also use 4 D batteries (not included). Insert batteries into the battery compartment on the bottom of the projector.

Flip the switch on the back of the projector to turn it on. The smART sketcher projector comes with an SD card.  The SD card comes loaded with 24 drawings as well as letters of the alphabet, numbers, early spelling skills and more.

Insert the SD content card into the top of the projector. The first drawing on the SD card will be projected. Your child can control which drawing they wish to draw by using the simplified control located in the front of the projector. Press the purple Hexagon to go forward and browse through the SD content to select a drawing. Once they have chosen a drawing, press the white forward arrow to start. Trace the projected step, than press the white forward arrow to move to the next step.

smART sketcher ™ projector smART sketcher ™ projector

I love that my daughter can learn to draw at her own pace thanks to the easy-to-use arrow buttons. To move forward and backwards on steps, simply toggle the arrows on the screen or on the smART sketcher itself. When children have completed all the steps, they can finish drawing by adding their own details and color.

smART sketcher Projector App smart sketcher reviews

Download the smART sketcher app and connect your smartphone to the projector via Bluetooth to use the trace picture option. This allows your child to access stored photos on your tablet or phone.

Select a filter.  There are three different filters to choose from, including the original image, a light sketch, and a darker sketch. Adjust the contrast using your finger on the screen if needed. When ready, the smART sketcher will then project the image onto paper for your child to trace.

With smART sketcher, kids can draw anything they see. Just take a picture with your phone or tablet and begin!

The smART sketcher App has multi-language support.  They currently support more than 10 languages and they will be adding more languages soon.

Download any photo from your mobile device. Project it on paper with the connected smART sketcher TM Projector and your child will be able to draw the photo.

In addition,  children can learn to form letters the correct way with step-by-step instructions, curriculum-based early reading content, and lots of space to practice their skills!

My thoughtssmart sketcher reviews

The one thing that I noticed about the smART sketcher Projector was that the projector had a hard time reading the SD card.  The SD card can also be easily damaged, which happen to us. If the card does get damaged for any reason Flycatcher will send you a new card.

Also, each SD card only works with a single smART sketcher Projector. Once it’s programmed into one projector, you can’t move it to another. Also, when we removed the SD card the app wouldn’t work.

Overall, this projector is a great tool to help inspire young artists and I love it too.

Additional SD cards featuring added content are also available and sold separately. The smART sketcher™ Creativity Packs enhance kids’ small motor development, creativity, and story-telling.

  • Creativity Packs, containing 50 learn-to-draw activities, are available in a variety of age-appropriate themes.
  • Learn-A-Language Alphabet Packs, containing 50 writing and early reading activities, are available in separate languages as well as cursive writing.
  • Creativity Set, contains 20 sheets of framed paper, 5 reusable magnetic frames, 6 crayons, 6 markers, and 6 colored pencils. Everything is organized in a convenient carry-and-stow case.
  • smART sketcher ™ Picture This! Frames, contains 20 sheets of framed paper and 5 magnetic frames to display finished work.

Orders yours today from Amazon.

smart sketcher reviews

Flycatcher, a tech toy company that was founded in 2013 in New York, is on a mission to help parents promote their child’s learning skills by developing toys that bridge the gap between real-life and the digital space.

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