SELMA’S DOLLS Embrace Diversity

SELMA’S DOLLS Embrace Diversity

This next toy brand is much more than a toy to play with. These 12-inch soft dolls teach life lessons and give children a healthy sense of the world. Unlike other dolls, Selma’s Dolls is a collection of three soft ragdolls which celebrate diversity of religion, culture and physical and mental disabilities. Childhood should be an inclusive place, where every child belongs regardless of ethnicity, gender, or ability. These dolls help teach children about the beauty of being diverse. I believe that instilling these values of acceptance at a young age is critical to a child’s development and growth.

Meet Ameena Selma's Dolls

Ameena is a Muslim doll made from a variety of soft and snuggly materials like Jersey Knit fabric. She wears a blue hijab, a head covering, worn in public by many Muslim women and girls. (Hijab is a headscarf that covers the head and upper neck but exposes the face).

Her green tunic represents a number of traditional associations and meanings in Islam. Standing 12.8 inches tall, Ameena is super lightweight and you can sit her upright.

Ameena has recently been honored as the Platinum Winner of Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, the benchmark of excellence with consumers, toy makers, and media. She melted the hearts of toy judges who have seen everything on the market over the years.


Selma’s First Day of School

Each of the Selma’s dolls comes with a storybook, “Selma’s First Day of School.” Written by Valarie Alva-Ruiz and Courtney Stillwagon and beautifully illustrated by Katie Lim and Luis Schittone, Selma meets her three new friends who help her overcome her first day of school fears. The wonderful story teaches children about the importance of human differences and making friends despite such differences. You can use the book as a conversation starter to talk to your child about diversity.


In addition to Ameena, there are two other dolls in the collection. Annie is a loveable doll with Down syndrome who wears a blue and yellow dress – colors that represent awareness for Down syndrome. And Lola is a Mexican-American doll who loves to teach friends new Spanish words. The three dolls also won the Tillywig Parents’ Favorite Products Award and the 2018 National Parenting Products Award (NAPPA). Each doll and book set sells for $39.99 online and in retail stores across the eastern United States.

If there ever was a perfect time to include Selma’s dolls in our toy stores, it’s now!

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8 thoughts on “SELMA’S DOLLS Embrace Diversity

  1. this is absolutely fabulous and so heart warming to see! I love that it not only teaches children about other cultures but disabilities as well. I hope they create a doll who is autistic as my oldest daughter is and it is something kids still need a better understanding of

  2. This is a great way to teach the younger children about the different cultures and I like that they come with a book as well!!

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