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Create a Viral Marketing Campaign on Social media

viral marketingViral marketing or viral advertising is a marketing strategy whereby consumers are encourage to share your content across social media platforms. When done correctly it can generate more product sales and more leads for your business.

Let’s take a look at some key viral marketing tactics that have worked before, and will work again.

Online success begins with understanding your e-commerce business model and your targeted audience. Your starting point should be to define WHO your target market is. Then, Identify your customers, the platforms they frequent, how they communicate and what they like / can relate to. An example of this would be Surveyh; they know their audience  and make sure to cater to the demands of their audience. They also offer genuine rewards.

Leverage existing / social discussions

Consider controversial topics to help your content stand out. An example of this would be the breast feeding vs formula debate on TruTV. To date, it has more than 6 million visitors, and that’s just on Facebook.  Each CNN article or blog post on the subject of breast feeding vs formula feeding becomes a heated topic due to the belief that breast feeding is a healthier choice for your baby. Controversy can be a good thing.

Use humor in marketing

Using humor in your advertising campaign can be very beneficial. Humor not only encourages customers to share your content, but they will also remember it. One example of a successful campaign that used humor was the Snickers: Hungry Betty White ad. It generated more than 91 days of media coverage from one 30-second ad.

A point to consider when using humor in advertising is that different things are funny to different people. While making your customers laugh , keep in mind that some customers may be sensitive.

Emotional Advertising Examples

Always like a girl

Connecting with emotion is key to a successful viral marketing campaign. It is more likely that people share content that generates a strong emotional feeling, then something that doesn’t relate to their personal experiences. Everyone knows that emotional marketing is difficult to do however. To encourage people to buy from you, connect emotions with an image.  Always’ empowering 2014 campaign like a girl was a great success.

How to Use Incentives

Diamond CandlesDon’t forget to use incentives! One of the best ways to attract potential customers to your website is with with a free gift. The key to using free gifts is to do it randomly, so customers do not come to expect it. Keep in mind when giving away a free gift they need to match your branding.

Create customer loyalty by inserting a free gift into your product. For example, Diamond Candles make and sell premium soy candles containing rings that range in value from $10 all the way up to $5,000. Despite selling candles at slightly higher prices than most of its competitors, they used a unique value proposition to become viral, which led to Diamond Candles reaching $1 million in revenue. The potential of a $ 5000 ring, has customers purchasing more candles and transmitting the message via social media.

Another great way to get more customers is to give discounts on a product you sell. Coupons are very popular on social media.

Giveaways are a wonderful way to get more potential customers. The purpose of running a giveaway is  to create awareness about your new brand;  generate engagement among your target audience; and to gather leads that will have the potential of generating to sales.


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