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Cuddle Barn animated musical plush

Cuddle Barn animated musical plushBring instant fun and laughter into your home this holiday season with Cuddle Barn animated musical plush. Cuddle Barn is the industry leader in animated musical plush toys with each one being made of high quality. Their plush feature popular songs from everyone’s favorite classics to contemporary hits, along with many popular children’s tunes.

Cuddle Barn has a wide assortment of animated musical plush toys. Some of them sing and dance, some tell stories – while others make animal sounds. You are sure to find the perfect gift selection for those young and old.

Crackin Up CocoCuddle Barn - Crackin' Up Coco

Why not add a sweet spin on playtime with Crackin Up Coco. Press his foot, and Coco wiggles around in a circle while making silly monkey sounds. Coco has super-soft shaggy fur, velvety features, and a cute curled tail.

While he may not be as famous as everyone’s favorite monkey who is known for his curious nature and his excited chatter, we are sure your little one will love Crackin Up Coco just the same. He’s a very active little monkey, and my friend’s grandson just loves him- even if he isn’t George.

Crackin Up Coco makes a great gift for people of all ages, not just children. Just check out the video below to see him in action.

Dalton the Story Telling Dragon

Dalton the Story Telling DragonEvery child loves to cuddle up with a favourite soft toy and listen to a story. What if the stuff animal was actually telling the story? Dalton the Story Telling Dragon is the newest creation from Cuddle Barn and he is absolutely adorable.

When you squeeze his hand he will recite 5 classic fairy-tales.  Fairytales included ~ “Hansel & Gretel”, “Jack and the Beanstalk”, “Rapunzel”, “The Ugly Duckling”, and “Sleeping Beauty.” Dalton is 12″ high in his sitting position.

He sways as he recites the classic fairy tales. Even his book lights up.


If you are looking for a fun gift idea to give either a child or a senior in a retirement or nursing home, why not check out the animated musical plush collection from Cuddle Barn.

Let us know your favorite!


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3 thoughts on “Cuddle Barn animated musical plush

  1. omg these things are so adorable. I know my granddaughters would love them <3. Animated stuffies weren't such a big hit for a long time they were afraid of them…. now they love them! Thanks for the fabulous post.

  2. OMG these are so cute, my granddaughter would love having any one of them, and I love the reindeer with the penguins, so cute!!

  3. I LOVE Dalton the storytelling dragon! My boys love the dancing and singing stuffies! We have a few in our home.

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