Best Horse Riding Advice For Women Riders

Horse riding requires physical strength and fitness, so it is primarily regarded as a male-dominated activity. You also have to establish rapport with the animal, no matter how rowdy it gets. However, you need not give up on equine love being a woman because a horse never distinguishes a rider by gender. You can bond well with the animal and ride safely, provided you take care of the basics. At the same time, you can look good and feel comfortable while spending a day in the field. Let us share the best horse riding advice women can rely on.

Set your goals

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Equestrian is a challenging sport that requires skill, expertise, and training. Setting goals as a beginner is crucial because you will want to improve over weeks, months, and years. Even seasoned riders must chase targets as there is always a scope for improvement. But remember to have realistic goals and not expect too much too soon. Everything boils down to your strength, agility, and patience.

Go the extra mile with training

You may fall short of strength and stamina, but going the extra mile with training can bring you on par with your male counterparts. Find a seasoned trainer you can trust to teach you special skills and tricks. The best way to do it is by seeking recommendations from like-minded women who have already used the services of a trainer. Be ready to invest time and effort in consistent training. Besides practical skills, gather as much theoretical knowledge as possible.

Have the safety essentials at hand

Besides skills and training, you must have the safety essentials at hand to prevent mishaps in the field. You may have a hard time dealing with an equine as a beginner, but having the right gear can be life-saving. You can start with a lead rope for horses as it enables you to keep a safe distance from the animal when beginning training. Invest in a helmet, riding shoes, and supportive clothing to enjoy your rides without stressing about safety.

Take it easy during your period


Women riders need to be extra conscious about riding during their menstrual period. The vigorous movement can worsen the cramps and backache, so it is better to take a day or two off from your regular training sessions. You can relax with your horse on these days or even rest at home. Avoid pushing yourself too much and catch up with training when you feel fit again.

Prioritize bonding

It is easy to overlook the emotional part of horse riding when you focus too much on the physical prep. But you must prioritize bonding with the horse as it can ease your relationship with the equine. Training and riding get easy once you feel comfortable with each other. Spending quality time together is the key to human-animal bonding. Women are inherently good at it, so consider it an advantage.

Riding a horse is more about your attitude instead of gender. Follow these tips to ace your equine experiences as a woman rider.

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