Manual Coffee Grinder

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life? “The biggest impact to their coffee flavor is how they grind their coffee. This manual coffee grinder from Ice Coals is the perfect grinder for  Coffee Grinder Manual anyone on a budget that still wants to enjoy a hot cup of their favorite specialty coffee.

While this coffee grinder from Ice Coals may take a little bit of work to use, the grinder does help you create a fresh cup of your favorite coffee.  I find that the grinder is easy to fill and collect the grinds without getting them everywhere. The built-in window is a nice add-on and its stainless steel design is very stylish. It features multiple grind settings, insuring you get the perfect grind. It will take a lot of turns to grind the coffee, so be up for a workout.

Aeropress and French Press owners take note. This is the perfect grinder for you. The grinder is specifically designed to fit into an Aeropress , and FrenchPress.

Hand Coffee GrinderThe size of the grinder makes it easy to store, and because it’s not electric you can use it anywhere making it perfect for travel. And if noise is an issue for your household, then family members will welcome your new addition to your morning routine. The grinder is 90% quieter than comparable electric grinders.

At  $29.97 , this grinder is a great choice for use at home or on the go. Shop

If you did want a different model with more features I would read Consumer Reports or CoffeeChannel’s guides to find other options.

With all this talk of coffee, I’m ready for a great cup of gourmet coffee. Want to join me for a cup?


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