How to Enjoy Tea for women’s health

Regularly drinking tea can make you healthier than non-tea drinkers as tea reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke by 20%, according to studies. Despite this, Americans prefer to down coffee over tea, with one study finding that coffee drinkers consume 3.4 cups per day, compared to tea drinkers who have just 2.7 cups daily. But with […]

Unique Summer Dining Ideas

Warm weather is coming and it’s time to get together! If you’re ready to celebrate the season of summer’s bounty, a themed party can be a wonderfully fun way to connect with friends you haven’t seen for a while. You don’t need to put together anything fancy or expensive to have a fun time with […]

6 Healthy Foods for Busy Vegan People

There’s no denying it: eating healthy can be difficult when you’re juggling a job, family time, and life in general. Making a meal from scratch takes time, and few of us have that luxury every day. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite quick, simple, and healthy vegan meal options for when you’re […]

Order Phil’s Fudge

If you’re shopping for someone with a sweet tooth, Phil’s Fudge would be the perfect holiday gift. We first introduced you to Phil’s Fudge back in October. Presented in a white box and individually wrapped in cellophane, Phil’s Fudge have the creamiest texture we’ve ever tasted. It is possible to purchase mass-produced fudge, but the […]

Angels On Your Pillow Tea

According to Ram Randhawa, a psychiatrist at the University of British Columbia’s Sleep Disorders Program, 30 per cent of Canadians struggle with getting to or staying sleep at any given time. If you are one of those Canadians Angels On Your Pillow may help improve sleep and promote relaxation. Designed to aid in sleep, Angels […]

ComeBack Snacks

From Home Alone and The Santa Clause to holiday classics like the Nutcracker, Miracle on 34th street and It’s A Wonderful Life, holiday movies are a part of Christmas. If this time of the year reminds you of sitting around the TV, eagerly awaiting those annual specials, like A Charlie Brown Christmas, Frosty, and How […]

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