It’s Okay by Maya Johnson

Did you know that anxiety and depression isn’t just something adults face? Approximately 4.4 million children between the ages of 3 and 17 have been diagnosed with anxiety and approximately 1.9 million have been diagnosed with depression. Rates of childhood depression and anxiety have been rising in the last several years and yet there is […]

Party Surprise from WowWee

Shopping for holiday gifts may be looking different this year as the Coronavirus pandemic continues. There is still time to shop online.  This next toy is a popular choice this year. It is certainly one that has my seven year old daughter excited.  Now kids can unwrap the party with all-new Party Surprise from WowWee, […]

Dino Crunch by Goliath

Dino Crunch by Goliath is definitely one game that should be on your holiday gift list this year. It will have the recipient sitting on the edge of their seat.   Setting up the Game Dino Crunch takes 2 AA batteries to operate. Insert the batteries into Dino. Place the Dino on the Dino Nest […]

When Life Changes Know Where To Turn

Never has there been a time in history when so many things are uncertain. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that nothing is guaranteed. While the times we live in have made us all value our loved ones, health, and appreciate the simple things in life, many of us are struggling with financial uncertainty. […]

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