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Feeling Great About the Woman in the Mirror

When you look in the mirror,  do you like what you see staring back at you? Are you happy with your outer appearance? Are there things about yourself that you wish you could change? Our self confidence and how we feel about our self plays a vital role in every aspect of  life. When we don’t love, value, or appreciate the woman in the mirror, it makes loving, valuing, or appreciating anything or an...[Read More]

Animal Jumble 60-piece set

While I love role playing toys,  there is a special place in my heart for toys that manage to incorporate a bit of learning into my daughter’s play. With only 11 days until Easter if you are wondering like I am what to get your child for Easter. Might I suggest the Magformers Animal Jumble set?   Magformers 60 piece Animal Jumble set Magformers  Animal Jumble set is the perfect introduc...[Read More]

Who's Your Llama Surprise Figures! Series #1

Llamas are the new unicorn and they are quickly growing in popularity. With each new trend comes a new toy for children to love and collect. Who’s Your Llama is a new line of collectible llama toys from JAKKS Pacific. Kids who like collecting mini toys will have fun with these silly llama toys.  Each of the twelve Who’s Your Llama toys in the collection is bursting with personality! Each Llama com...[Read More]

JAKKS Pacific Easter

What came first… the chicken… or the wig? Chicks with Wigs is a new line of blind boxed collectible characters for children age three and up from Leading U.S. toymaker JAKKS Pacific, Inc. We think these adorable chicks offer a fun Easter basket alternative to wind up toy chicks, rubber ducks and other Easter gifts that get repetitious year after year. Chicks with Wigs collectibles feat...[Read More]

spring cleaning

The temperatures are rising and the birds are chirping. Spring is here and if you’re like most households, that means it’s time for spring cleaning. It’s the perfect time of year to crack open the windows and get to work on undoing the madness from winter. Getting rid of everything from dust to old clothes and cleaning from the attic to the basement is a healthy way to start the new season. Whethe...[Read More]

Zimpli Kids

Over the years, I’ve tried just about everything to make the tub a fun, appealing place for my children.  Of course, I’ve purchased bath toys, bathtub crayons and crazy foam. I have even tried a silly shower head. On my search for activities to make bath time even more fun I came across Zimpli Kids Gelli Baff, and Slime Baff. Gelli Baff fun Play instructions Gelli Baff  is a crazy powd...[Read More]


If there is a single piece of wisdom that we’ve learned over the years within the medical field it’s that each client is unique and has their own set of obstacles. With that in mind, we need to be on top of our game in terms of certain skincare trends that have recently come onto the market and how to properly engage with our clients about said trends. Failure to keep up to date with b...[Read More]

Eliminate the Mess: Ways to Organize Your Home

A messy environment filled with piles of clutter in every room can put a physical strain on your body and cause mental pain and anguish. When it gets to a certain level you can also feel overwhelmed and do nothing. Thankfully, there are many ways to organize your home and help you to eliminate your stress. Once you remove the clutter you can personalize each room and add meaningful accents. One wa...[Read More]

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