JumpStart Academy Kindergarten

Though school may be out for the summer that doesn’t mean that you can’t contribute to your child’s learning with JumpStart Academy Kindergarten. JumpStart Academy Kindergarten is a game from the JumpStart Academy series intended to teach a full kindergarten curriculum. Lessons are created by teachers and early childhood experts to ensure that your child […]

10 Tips For Road Trips

If you knew how much fun you miss by taking a flight, you’d see the need to leave the fast lane of getting to a distant destination sometimes in favour of the old way – on wheels. Doing this affords you the luxury of appreciating the rich scenery and atmosphere that nature has for you. […]

8 Best Reasons to Elope

Wedding Season is upon us. Many people are planning their nuptials that had to be postponed or cancelled last year due to the pandemic. While some are thankful they can have a larger wedding again, others are taking advantage of the new trend to have smaller weddings or to elope. Eloping isn’t just running off […]

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