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Headphones are the perfect gift for the music lover in your life. This upcoming holiday season why not purchase a pair of CozyPhones headphones. These super comfortable headphones come in the form of a soft, flexible headband making them an excellent headphone solution for a variety of needs. And there are several different series of CozyPhones to fit every user. CozyPhones for kids One of the mos...[Read More]


This upcoming holiday season why not spread some sweetness to your love ones and give the gift of chocolate. Gifting things like boxed chocolate can be a great way to show love ones how much you care. In fact, giving chocolate is a popular holiday tradition. You may be wondering what is the best chocolate to give as gifts. From stocking stuffers to chocolate gift ideas, the folks over at The Club ...[Read More]

Meet Arctic Fox, Elf On The Shelf’s New BFF

Creating family traditions is an important part of Christmas. This holiday season why not begin a new family tradition to your home with an Arctic Fox Tradition. In this children’s book, children will discover how Santa is able to complete his Christmas Eve journey around the world in just one night. Children will learn it involves an Arctic Fox that sets polar lights aglow. They will also l...[Read More]

Yeti Forgetti Kids Game

PlayMonster—the company behind award-winning games like Yeti in My Spaghetti has a new game for the holiday season. This time, the yetis are hiding under igloos, and children draw cards that tell them to find a certain yeti, peek under igloos or move them around, all while trying to remember which yeti is where. If they accidentally lift up the wrong igloo and find the snow crab, that means points...[Read More]

King frog

Fun for children seven years and up, King Frog Board Game from Brain Games will have you racing around the pond to decide who will be crowned the new Frog King. Your goal will be to remain afloat for as long as possible, outlasting your opponents as you hop around the pond. Included in the box is fifteen tiles, twenty mosquito cards numbered one through five, a wooden crown and four wooden frogs. ...[Read More]

Woo-Hoo - children's game

If you are looking for a fun game to give a preschooler this upcoming holiday season, might we suggest Woo-Hoo children’s game from the folks over at Brain Games. Recommended for children age three and up Woo-Hoo children’s game is a fun game surrounding gnomes, an elephant slide and a children’s sandbox. The Woo-Hoo children’s game contents includes one 3D elephant slide, ...[Read More]

aGreatLife Adjustable Jump Rope for Kids

This holiday season why not give a gift that gets kids away from the electronics and encourages them to be more active. Something as simple as this bunny jump rope from aGreatlife can bring hours of enjoyment. I still remember some of the jump room rhymes from my elementary school days back in the 70s. I loved jumping rope as a child.  Someone over the years children’s love of skipping has f...[Read More]

The Floor is Lava

Some of you may have children who love playing the Floor is Lava (also known as “Hot Lava “). If you have never heard of the game in “The Floor is Lava”, players imagine that the floor is made of lava and thus avoid touching the ground. My daughter and her friends love playing different versions of the game, such as lava monster where one person is the lava monster and ever...[Read More]

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