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A Look Back on the Women's Suffrage Movement and Its Impact

It’s hard to believe that just 100 years ago, women finally received the right to vote. Many of us take this right for granted, unaware of the fight our great-great-grandmothers took part in to give us the life we have today. However, we still have a long way to go for equality. We need to continue the fight just like the women of the past. It’s important for us to understand the past ...[Read More]

Cool Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life

Whether his birthday is just around the corner or maybe your wedding anniversary is next month, it can be hard to come up with cool gift ideas for the man in your life. If you are struggling with what to get him, we have a few suggestions that you may want to consider. We’ve browsed around and have picked out some cool gift ideas at a variety of prices. Get him a shirt Men love t-shirts, esp...[Read More]

Healthy Ways for Working Moms to Reduce Stress

Being a mother is a stressful job and gets more overwhelming if you have to put food on the table. You don’t have to live in a state of stress; there are healthy ways you can promote inner-wellness, and the following are a few examples. Natural Supplements There are a lot of things you can do to try to relax, but some of those things require too much of your time. You’re a working moth...[Read More]

Solar Solutions Today

When individuals think about solar they may think about individuals living off the grid far away from other people, or they may think about an elite group of individuals and organizations, who can afford to absorb high setup costs and maintenance. These ideas about solar turn out to be outdated and individuals find that solar has undergone numerous recent advancements that have decreased solar’s c...[Read More]

How to Have the Energy You Need to Seize the Day

For the everyday individual, it can be a challenge sometimes to get out of bed and start the day. There’s nothing more essential to being the most productive person you can be than adopting healthy habits to boost your energy. While a lot of us may resort to vitamins or medication to get by, there are many things you can take upon yourself to do to make the steps towards a healthier lifestyl...[Read More]

How to travel

The English composition student interested in more than merely placing out of a “lame” prerequisite with a passing grade (to appease the status quo of the college administration board) can do well to take extensive notes while traveling. In fact, if you read this early enough and you’re still in high school, take heed; this will help you immensely later on. If you keep a diary during your trips, y...[Read More]

The most important things when starting a new blog

Starting a new blog requires commitment, effort, and strategy. There are certain things that bloggers must include on their blog for success. Unfortunately for many new bloggers, they neglect these things. This is the reason why some new blogs don’t grow. Perhaps, you own a new blog and desire to know the essential things that will make it grow. WritemyessayZ have some tips on starting a new blog....[Read More]


Female-owned businesses provide significant support to the Canadian economy. According to the national entrepreneur community Startup Canada, women entrepreneurs contribute $148 billion every year. These female-led businesses also employ 1.5 million Canadians all over the country. But like any other enterprise, females also deal with different challenges when running their businesses. They need to...[Read More]

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