A Comfortable Life: Managing Your Money

Many people earn a good salary and have little or nothing to show for it. Poor money management can lead to a lifetime of doing without. The good news is that you can enjoy a bright financial future and live well today. The Basics In order to achieve financial stability, you need to create a […]

7 Tips for Managing PMS

There are plenty of methods out there to stop the pain of a menstrual cycle. What’s not talked about as often is how to manage the symptoms of the PMS that comes with it. From bloating to mood swings and from headaches to stress, these symptoms are just as real as the pain itself. PMS, […]

What to Include on Wedding Invites

After several weeks of interactions with both sets of parents, you and your soon-to-be spouse have the guest checklist complete. Now comes the fun part: sending out wedding invitations. With so much information to provide and many other things to tackle, it can cause an overload of emotions. Sit back, relax and just breathe. Below […]

Taking Care of You

You’re a mother, a wife, and you have a full-time job with high demands. While you’re excellent at tending to the needs of your children and spouse, you often neglect yourself. You are as important as any other family member, and as such need to take care of yourself too. Listed below are a few […]

How to improve your health

Many people fantasize about winning the lottery. You’d have all the money in the world to travel, buy a new home and basically buy whatever you want. However, money can’t buy everything. Health and happiness are important for every human being. Listed below are several ways to pick yourself up and improve your health so […]

Challenges Faced by Single Moms

There are quite a few reasons why moms find themselves single. It may be that their marriage ended in either divorce or death, they might not ever have been married, or they may have chosen to adopt, be artificially inseminated, or have in vitro fertilization. However, what they may or may not have realized is […]

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