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Starting a Women’s Blog in a Woman’s World

These days,  women’s blogs are everywhere. With women’s issues front and center in the news lately, readers want to hear more about women’s views on a variety of topics. Male occupations and professions are now inviting women to become sports commentators and education bloggers. Starting a Women’s Blog is rather easy. Women who want tips on how to start a blog may want to c...[Read More]

Playdate in a Box

Playdate in a box is designed for kids age three to nine-years-old. Each themed box contains a “secret scroll” that helps take kids through an imaginative adventure, as well as costumes, stickers, markers, and an activity allowing kids to customize their playtime experience. There are currently five boxes available, with two more being added this year. Choices are: The Superpower Girl, The Superpo...[Read More]

JAKKS Pacific Easter

What came first… the chicken… or the wig? Chicks with Wigs is a new line of blind boxed collectible characters for children age 3 and up from Leading U.S. toymaker JAKKS Pacific, Inc. We think these adorable chicks offer a fun Easter basket alternative to wind up toy chicks, rubber ducks and other Easter gifts that get repetitious year after year. Chicks with Wigs collectibles features...[Read More]

Squish-Dee-Lish blind bags

Host a Squish-Dee-Lish hunt this Easter with these adorable Squish-Dee-Lish blind bags from JAKKS Pacific, Inc. If you have not heard by now, squishies are the latest toy craze among children and even some adults. Squish-Dee-Lish are made of a very soft slow rising foam, are scented and highly collectible. The fun thing about Squish-Dee-Lish from JAKKS Pacific, Inc, compared to other brands of foa...[Read More]

Disney Tsum Tsum

Easter is right around the corner! If you’re looking for gift ideas, Tsum Tsum figures featuring your child’s favorite Disney characters are perfect as Easter basket fillers or to insert into Easter eggs.  Designed for kids ages 6 and up, Disney Tsum Tsum are a fun collectible that come in both plush and vinyl versions. Not only are these collectibles fun to play with, they are absolutely ad...[Read More]

Egg-Cellent Easter Gifts

Easter is fast approaching. If you are still wondering what to get your child(ren), this year, aim for the unconventional and give a personalized Easter basket instead. Watch their eyes light up when they see their name on a personalized gift created just for them.  I See Me! is my favorite place to shop when it comes to unique personalized gifts for children. In addition to books and stickers, I ...[Read More]

3 Delicious Coffee Drinks You Can Make At Home

Everyone who loves coffee knows that it is a wonderful elixir that restores life to the weary and lengthens their productivity when they need it the most. It’s both delicious and good for you (in moderate quantities). Still, drinking nothing but black coffee all day can get a little monotonous. And when you’re getting together with your bestie, you don’t want to serve them just p...[Read More]

Linkt™ Craft Kits

If you have girls entering the tween or teen years they can be hard to shop for at Easter. Besides getting them their favorite chocolate treat, why not get them a craft kit that teaches them a new skill. Neat-Oh Linkt Craft Kits are a fun project for tween girls! Each kit includes everything they need to complete multiple chainmaille jewelry projects. With each of the 12 kits available you can sta...[Read More]

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