8 Most Influential Female Entrepreneurs

We got used to business and science being a man’s world. But it changed. We battle the prejudices and stereotypes to achieve gender equality across industries. Celebrating women in various fields encourages female students to try their luck in new areas. As well, it nurtures a healthy view of possibilities everyone should have.   Against […]

Wal-Mart pilots Bitcoin ATM operation

Since October, with the launch of the first Bitcoin futures ETF in the United States, the valuation of the crypto industry has soared. As a result, more and more Wall Street institutions regard cryptocurrency as a legitimate asset class for investors. The total market value of cryptocurrencies is currently about 2.66 trillion U.S. dollars, nearly […]

Hiring A Google AdWords Consultant

Online marketing across a variety of channels is absolutely essential in this day and age, there’s no two ways about it. And when it comes to online marketing, no one does it quite like Google, or really even close, so it makes sense that you’d hire an AdWords management company with the expertise in the […]

6 Fictional Jobs That May Become Reality in the Future

Remember The Jetsons? This animated series, originally aired in the 1960s, featured plenty of futuristic gadgets. They automated most of the family’s work and household chores. Fast-forward more than half a century into the future, and some of those devices are a reality now. Flat screens, the Internet, video calls, smartwatches – all of them […]

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