Top 4 Most Popular Sports for Women

Sports are conventionally divided into men’s and women’s sports. And even entering 22Bet, you’ll notice that even professional sports have such a segmentation. This doesn’t mean that men cannot play “women’s” sports and vice versa. Women usually want to be thinner and flexible. Strength, muscle mass, speed of reaction, development of leadership qualities are less popular […]

Indonesian Women Athletes

Indonesia is home to many amazing women athletes. Unfortunately, these role models often don’t get as much attention as their male counterparts. In this article, we want to explore this topic and tell stories of some of the most impressive women athletes from Indonesia. If you’re Indonesian and want to root for your compatriots, you […]

How To Pick A Kayak

Are you excited about hitting the waters on a kayak? First, you need to find the right boat based on where you want to paddle, how you plan to use the kayak, and other technical specs. But, the moment you hit the market searching, you will notice many kayak choices, each designed to perform best […]

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