The Career Of Cecilia Braekhus

The Secrets You Should Know About Cecilia Braekhus Cecilia Carmen Linda Braekhus, who was born on 28 September 1981, is a professional boxer and ex kickboxer from Norway. Born in Cartagena, Colombia, she was adopted as a two-year-old by Norwegian parents and was raised in the Sandviken area of Bergen. Braekhus began kickboxing at the […]

What You Need To Know About Portia Woodman

Little-Known Facts about Portia Woodman Without a doubt, Portia Woodman is one of the most distinguishable players in women’s sevens because she is the leading try scorer on World Series. Having moved from wing to a strike prop, Woodman has speed, strength and determination which all make her a world-class rugby player. Woodman has been […]

Best Horse Riding Advice For Women Riders

Horse riding requires physical strength and fitness, so it is primarily regarded as a male-dominated activity. You also have to establish rapport with the animal, no matter how rowdy it gets. However, you need not give up on equine love being a woman because a horse never distinguishes a rider by gender. You can bond […]

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