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Playtime Edventures LLC.

There’s an amazing number of bedding options on the market now, when it comes to children’s bedding.  If you are looking to add both color and fun to your child’s bedroom, Playtime Edventures has the perfect children’s bedding sheets that will do just that.  Your kids will look forward to time-out in their room or bed time with Playtime Bed Sheets. Each set of sheets featur...[Read More]

FlipaZoo Flip Box Surprise

A cute surprise awaits! Jay@Play, creators of the popular two-in-one FlipaZoo, the plush toy that flips for you, are excited to announce the launch of “FlipaZoo Flip Box Surprise.” Each stuffed dog features two soft, cuddly characters that flip back and forth for two times the fun! The design allows kids to easily flip from puppy, to another animal. FlipaZoo Flip Box Surprise Recommend...[Read More]

Mann’s Fresh Vegetables

I’m always looking for easy and quick ways to eat healthy. Mann’s Nourish Bowls are perfect as a healthy meal solution, particularly during busy school nights. Less time in the kitchen means more time for homework, after school activities and baths. Mann’s Nourish Bowls are available in six trending flavors: Cauli Rice Curry,Southwest Chipotle, Monterey Risotto, Sesame Sriracha, Spicy ...[Read More]

Healthy smoked salmon pasta with snow peas

Versatile and one of the easiest vegetables to prepare, snow peas can be enjoyed on their own, added to a salad or added to your favorite dish. Snow peas are packed with vitamin A, vitamin C,  potassium, dietary fiber, magnesium, iron and folic acid. Snow peas are also very low in calories, with slightly over 1 calorie per pod. They also lack cholesterol, making them a filling,  and nutritious die...[Read More]


There is nothing wrong with growing older. In fact, there is something very right about it. We should all be so lucky. There is something magical about grey hair that makes you instantly and unquestionably wise. It doesn’t matter if you really are wise, people just assume you are. And there is power in that. With age comes more experience. You know more things, because you have seen and done more ...[Read More]

Smooshy Mushy Slow Rise Collectible

My daughter can not get enough of Squishies. These highly collectible toys can be squished and smashed, and then they slowly rise back to their original shape. US toymaker RedwoodVentures, Ltd. in partnership with OLO Industries, LLC.,  has just launched a new Smooshy Mushy line of soft, squishy, and collectible toys for kids to enjoy. Introduced late in 2017, the Smooshy Mushy Slow Rise Collectib...[Read More]

Healthy Shepherd's Pie

I love Cottage pie, known to most as Shepard’s pie. The difference between the two is, Cottage pie uses minced beef while Shepherd’s used minced lamb.  Regardless what you call it, Shepherd pie is the perfect cold weather comfort food. Shepherd’s Pie is super easy to make. The top layer is usually potatoes. Because of the starch content found in potatoes though my husband and I have been lim...[Read More]


It is nice to see a line of superhero action figures marketed to girls. My daughter can now act out her favorite scenes from the Nickelodeon show Mysticons with an all new line of Mysticons action figures, designed specifically for girls, as well as an assortment of flying creatures, plush and role play items. The Mysticons girls action series premiered in August on Nickelodeon in the U.S. and on ...[Read More]

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