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Wireless Video Doorbell with LED Ring Button

While home security products may not be among the most obvious gift ideas, the gift of peace of mind is something that will last throughout the year. Unfortunately, the holiday season is considered the prime season for the epidemic of porch pirating.  Porch pirating is when a criminal steals a package from your porch.  We do our share of online shopping and have fallen victim to porch pirating on ...[Read More]

Tech Will Save Us

In the field of Stem toys, Tech Will Save Us offers an high-tech upgrade to classic toys. Tech Will Save Us was founded in 2012 by husband-and-wife team Bethany Koby and Daniel Hirschmann in response to dissatisfaction with traditional STEM based-toys available on the market. The company’s diverse range of toys enables kids to create their own toys and solve problems to help them invent their own ...[Read More]

ooly unicorn stationery

The holidays are a perfect time of year for giving the gift of creativity. This year skip the Crayola fun tub and give them everything they need to colour, draw and create with Ooly. The company has many themed art supplies available. For the unicorn loving artist why not give them a gift of unicorn writing tools, unicorn stationery and art supplies to express their creativity. From pre-wrapped un...[Read More]

Play-Doh Tootie the Unicorn Ice Cream Set

What is it with children’s obsession to poop? Yes, we’re talking about poop. Maybe it’s due to the popularity of the poop emoji, or maybe not, but toy shelves are lined with pooped themed toys.  And just when I thought the potty humor was slowing down, here comes a magical unicorn that farts and poops magical ice cream. Brought to you by Hasbro comes Play-Doh Tootie the Unicorn I...[Read More]

Stikbot Zanimation Studio

Stikbot is the perfect toy for young animators. With Stikbot Zanimation Studio, from Zing Toys, kids have the fundamental tools for creating their own stop-motion green screen animated movies quickly and easily. The studio set comes with three Stickbot figures, a 2 in 1 green and blue Z-Screen, two stage clips, two prop boxes, and a tripod that adjusts to fit different sized Smartphone’s. You can ...[Read More]

TreeMendous Ornament Decorator

Whether your ornaments have been passed down from generation to generation or you buy a new Hallmark Ornament each year, trimming a Christmas tree is a timeless family tradition. Now your child(ren) can create their own unique Christmas ornaments that you will cherish year after year with the TreeMendous Ornament Decorator thanks to Hey Buddy Hey Pal creators of the famous Eggmazing Egg Decorator,...[Read More]

Yoga Design Lab Yoga Mat Bag

From luxurious, eco-friendly yoga mats to insulated stainless steel water bottles and eye-catching Leggings, Yoga Design Lab has the perfect gift ideas for the yoga lover in your life. Carrying a yoga mat to class is awkward. There’s nothing worse than wrestling to balance your matcha green tea, tote bag, and an awkwardly shifting yoga mat. Why not give them the gift of convenience with the ...[Read More]

aGreatLife Wooden Tabletop Bowling Game

There once was a time when toys where mostly made of wood. Those toys were passed down from generation to generation. They were simple toys that didn’t need batteries to operate. All that was needed was a child’s imagination. These were the toys that were played with for hours on end, year after year. I miss the simple wooden game sets and toys that I enjoyed as a young boy.  There is ...[Read More]

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