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Bolz spinning top toy-  Best Gift for Toddlers

Why not tap into your own childhood this holiday season with the gift of a classic toy. One toy that has never lost its fascination with toddlers is the spinning top. It is one of the worlds oldest toys. Even with the proliferation of electronic educational toys, the spinning top toy still remains a favorite. Bolz, a cherished German toy company, is the world’s leading creator of the spinnin...[Read More]

My Aqua Soap Making Lab from Explore

The My Aqua Soap Making Lab, from Explore, teaches kids about the science of soap as they learn to make their very own bars of soap. This kit includes everything they will need. The lab includes soap base, two bottles of coloring, perfume, gloves, wooden spoons, a measuring cup, droppers, a star mold, plastic wrap and stickers for gifting the finished product. Also included in the My Aqua Soap Mak...[Read More]

Zephyr Kinetic Play Dough

While play-doh is always a beloved Christmas gift, it is nice for children to receive an alternative to play dough that gives them a new play experience. Here at Today’s Woman we recently discovered the amazement of Zephyr, which is a fun Kinetic sand. Zephyr Kinetic Play Dough not only helps develop fine motor skills, but it is also the perfect sensory stimulating tool. Kinetic play dough Z...[Read More]

Calico Critters Cozy Cottage Starter Set

If you are looking for a non electrical toy that sparks a child’s imagination there is no better choice then Calico Critters. For more than three decades Calico Critters have captured children’s imaginations. They were first introduced in Japan in 1985 as Sylvanian Families. This is what they’re still called in other parts of the world with the acceptation of North America where ...[Read More]

Rubik's Cube Games

Over the last 45 years, the Rubik’s Brand has continued to expand its lines including the entry into the games category with the release of Rubik’s Race in 2011. Now just in time for the holiday season the Rubik’s brand has launched the latest twist to its interactive line of Rubik’s Cube Games with the Rubik’s Cage. First some Rubik’s Cube history! The Rubik’s cube was inv...[Read More]


Nothing make the holidays more fun than some new games that you can play with the children on game night. Today we bring you a  fun, suspenseful and wild game from Orangutwang, the makers of Play monster who brought us Yeti Forgetti, which we recently reviewed. Orangutwang is the perfect family game for ages four and up, though younger children will be able to play with some guidance. The OranguTw...[Read More]

Madame Alexander dolls

Dolls have been around for centuries. In fact dolls are among the most classic forms of toys. For 96 years, Madame Alexander Doll Company has inspired imagination, creativity and love through doll play. The Madame Alexander Doll Company was founded by Madame Beatrice Alexander Behrman in 1923. Madame viewed dolls as valuable learning tools that could teach children empathy, compassion and responsi...[Read More]

Aquabeads USA

First invented in 2004, Aquabeads is still a popular activity for children. While the manufacturers suggested age is 4 years and up, we feel the activity is better suited for children age six and up due to the dexterity required. It also takes a steady hand even if using the pen and a great deal of patience. Unlike the smART Pixelator, we recently reviewed Aquabeads are held together with water in...[Read More]

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