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Tug and the Tooth a New Tradition

Losing a first tooth is a huge milestone for children. Pretty much everyone can remember the excitement of losing a tooth when they were a child.  “Tug and the Tooth” is a new Tooth Fairy tradition that supports and celebrates children as they go through the timeless experience of losing their baby teeth. Tug and the Tooth was created by Heidi Whitaker, to help walk her oldest daughter through the...[Read More]

Peppa Pig Cold Winter Day

For anyone living with someone under five years old, Peppa Pig will be very familiar. For those unfamiliar, Peppa Pig is a four year old pig with a very loud oink. She lives with her two year old brother George, Mummy pig who works at home on her computer and Daddy pig who works as a architect. Each of her friends is a different kind of animal — with a last name matching the type of animal e...[Read More]

Pajama Monsters

Bedtime fears – the dark, monsters under the bed, and sleeping alone – are all common fears for young children. To my 34-month-old daughter the monster that lives in the dark is very real. As parents how do we handle monster fears? Today’s Woman reviewer, Tanya swears by Monster spray. She told me to grab an empty spray bottle, and fill ‘it with water and mist my daughter’s bedroom at ...[Read More]

A Different Kind of Safari

One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is the gift of reading. I have recently had the pleasure of reading a wonderful book, “A Different Kind of Safari”, with my seven year old daughter. This book is not only very well written, but also a great teaching tool.  The book is 32 pages with colorful illustrations on nearly every page. The target age of the reader runs from 9 to...[Read More]

Squirt the otter

The story of Squirt the otter by Tracy L. Mikowski is heartfelt true story of an orphaned otter that with the help of others found happiness. The author, Tracy L. Mikowski, wrote this book first hand as she was the actual person to rescue and take care of Squirt. The story begins with Squirt, the otter, alone and scared in a farmer’s field. She is awoken by the nudge of a large dog’s nose. T...[Read More]

Writing Journals

While the blogosphere may have has reinvented the Internet and revolutionized how the ordinary person communicates with the world, adolescents and adults are still turning to a writing journal to organization their thoughts. For centuries, Journals have been used as a form of emotional release. Writing can do wonders for ones health. Are you aware that regular journaling strengthens immune cells, ...[Read More]

Teach your child to spell their name One of the first words many children learn to read and write is their name. Most kids know how to write and know how to recognize their name by the time they enter kindergarten. Today I bring you a book that assists your child in learning to both recognize and learn to spell their name. While procrastinating on Facebook one day I saw an advertisement for the bo...[Read More]

Published by SOCii, The Prayer Mitten Series teaches important topics to children and will enlighten readers with messages such as; teaching children to pray, positive body image and bullying, hunger and homelessness, not to be afraid to try, teamwork, adoption, and more. Teaching Children to Pray Written by Daryl Lynn O’Connell, the first book in the series, “The Prayer Mitten” Vol. 1 is an...[Read More]

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