What Makes a Good School Playground?

What Makes a Good School Playground?

Pupils spend a substantial amount of time in the field during their stay in school. A school  playground is ideal for the pupils as they benefit from outdoor activities. Besides providing fun, play improves children’s attention span, encourages socialization and collaboration, and nature their talents. It is therefore imperative for the school to look for ways that can make the playground better. Well, how then can the school make the playground good? Let us delve into that.

Upgrade the playground surface

A good playground surface should be great to play on, easy to maintain, safe and durable. Moreover, the playground’s surface should absorb impact for the children’s safety. The surface should allow for easy installation of the playground equipment. You can make your playground surface from rubber mulch, artificial grass, and block paving. Then, consider using resin-bound gravel for a more rigid surface; however, concrete and asphalt are unsafe.

Provide a place for children to shelter

Provide the kids with a place to sit and shelter. The shelter will provide comfort for the children when they do not want to run around during break time. You can install wooden benches which allow the pupils to sit in groups. As another option, provide picnic benches to allow pupils a place to sit and eat their lunch. Consider sheltering the sitting areas to protect the pupils in uncomfortable weather.

Consider a variety of playground equipment

What Makes a Good School Playground?

Provide the young learners with a wide range of playground equipment. This allows them to engage in a variety of playground activities, creating even more fun. You can install commercial playground equipment that is safe, durable, and eco-friendly. Also set up varieties such as slides, balance beams, swing sets, crawler tubes, and merry-go-round. Ensure the equipment is stable and securely fastened to the ground. Moreover, ensure they have barriers and handrails for additional safety.

Create different play zones

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Divide the playground into different play zones. Zone the more intense activities like soccer, basketball, and athletic field from the less intense ones like merry-go-rounds and swings. Zoning will reduce playground accidents and make supervision easier. Moreover, keep children under five years away from rest to avoid playground bullying. Separate the quieter activities from the noisy ones. In addition, consider providing signage in the playground so the pupils can find the right place.

Add some greenery

Add some greenery to the school playground to provide a sense of the outdoors. Provide trellises, planters, and growing boxes where the pupils can plant trees or flowers. Yes, this will give them a fun activity while contributing to making the school greener. Besides, it will add more beauty to the playground.

Wrapping Up

A playground is a valuable resource for schools as it enables pupils to have fun, socialize, learn and nature their talents. Ensure you create a kid’s friendly playground that favors children of different ages. Offer them a variety of playing equipment and go for the ones that are durable and eco-friendly. Remember to provide the learners with various commercial playground equipment that is safe and durable.

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