Cleanliness Questions to Ask Your Pet Practitioner

Cleanliness Questions to Ask Your Pet Practitioner

About 70% of US households (90.5 million families) own a pet. Of these, 69 million own dogs, with another 45.3 million owning cats. Despite the number of pet owners in the US, not many people understand the importance of pet cleanliness. Whether you’re a new pet owner or want to keep your fur baby healthy and clean, it helps to have a plan. Otherwise, neglecting your pet’s cleanliness could impact your health and well being. Here are five questions to ask your pet practitioner during your next appointment. Asking these questions can help you make more informed decisions for your fur baby.

Read on to learn more about ensuring your pet has the best of care today!

Bond With Your Cat

  1. How Often Should I Clean the Litter Box?

If you have a cat, make a list of questions to ask your pet practitioner about your kitty’s litter box. For example, consider how often it requires cleaning.

Neglecting to clean your cat’s litter box can turn it into a fertile ground for germs. Some parasites can cause a disease that might lead to flu-like symptoms.

Litter boxes are also grounds for intestinal parasites.

Make sure to empty the litter box and clean it using mild dish soap. Then, rinse and dry it.

  1. How Often Should I Wash Bedding and Toys?

Over 50% of millennial pet owners purchase pet gifts each month. Unfortunately, many pet owners neglect to clean those toys.

Pet toys can attract bacteria, yeast, and mould. Neglecting to clean their toys could lead to skin infections, too.

To prioritize cleanliness, toss your pet’s soft toys in the washing machine every four to six weeks.

Don’t forget your pet’s bedding, too. Otherwise, bedding can collect fur and dirt. It can also harbor flea eggs, ticks, and skin parasites.

Clean your pet’s bedding every week. Dry it for 20 minutes on high heat.

  1. What’s the Best Way to Store Food?

If you want to give your fur baby the best possible life, consider how you’re storing their food.

Otherwise, food can get contaminated and lead to potential illnesses.

Store dry food in airtight containers. Wet food should remain refrigerated.

Make sure to clean your pet’s food and water dishes as well. Otherwise, their saliva can transmit bacteria.

  1. How Can I Keep My Home Clean?

Dogs are required to be microchipped by law

Prioritize cleanliness in your home, too. Make a list of questions to ask your pet practitioner about keeping pet hair off the furniture and floor.

For example, you can use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to clean away fur and small particles.

  1. What Products Should I Use?

Make sure you’re using the right cleaners, too. Otherwise, some products can prove poisonous to your fur baby.

You can review vet sanitation at to learn more about kennel cleaning and the ideal products to use.

Keep Clean: 5 Cleanliness Questions to Ask Your Pet Practitioner

Keep your home clean and pets healthy. Consider these cleanliness questions to ask your pet practitioner. Asking these questions can ensure your fur baby receives the best care.

They’ll love you even more for it!

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