Eliminate the Mess: Ways to Organize Your Home

organize your homeA messy environment filled with piles of clutter in every room can put a physical strain on your body and cause mental pain and anguish. When it gets to a certain level you can also feel overwhelmed and do nothing. Thankfully, there are many ways to organize your home and help you to eliminate your stress. Once you remove the clutter you can personalize each room and add meaningful accents. One way is to turn a photo into a painting and frame it or add personal mementos and display them in your bedroom, hallway or living room. Here are a few more tips.

The Starting Point

Dealing with a large mess that encompasses the entire home can be difficult to take in. That’s why it’s important to organize your home by focusing your attention on one room at a time. In most cases, the living room and the bedroom seem to acquire the most piles. If you decide to start in the bedroom, pick up the dirty laundry and remove the bedding first. Then grab a trash bag and pick up all of the garbage and papers you no longer want. From there you can remove any dishes and return things to other rooms, like your child’s toys. By now you should  see the floor and get a sense of accomplishment. On the plus size, robot vacuum cleaners like Roomba are available nowadays, which actually makes cleaning easy. They can clean your floors automatically, even when you’re not around. Of course you need to insure your floor is clear of small hazards like toys and has lots of room to move around. While your Roomba is cleaning one room you are free to move onto other areas of the home.

Everything Needs a Home

Some homes can look messy from just a few things out of place. This is especially true if you have many things collected over the years that reduce the size of your home or if you have a smaller home with limited storage space. For some people organizing rooms to make the most of the space comes naturally. For others, it’s not so easy. If you fall into the latter group, don’t worry, you can learn how to utilize the space to its full potential and maybe even reveal the pet pop art that’s behind the huge pile of clutter over the dresser.

Storage ContainersStorage

Today there are so many types of storage containers that you can use to hold things such as extra linens and clothing, toiletries and accessories, books and magazines, and children’s toys. They come in a wide range of materials from plastics to fabrics, in just about any shape or size and with or without lids. Many storage bins have built-in handles for easy lifting and transport and an open top that lets you view, remove and replace items quickly. Some have an opaque finish that prevents you from seeing the contents while others have a clear finish. Using these storage containers throughout the home on shelves, counters and inside closets will give everything a home and eliminate the messy clutter.

Importance of Maintaining Your Homeframed photo

A lot of effort goes into keeping your home neat. However, its well worth it to organize your home. When your home is free of clutter, you can actually sit and relax. An organized home also eliminates much of the chaos and confusion that occurs when someone can’t find what they need. Once you tidy up the place and create your sanctuary you’ll have the time to enjoy and admire the things acquired over the years, like your cherished framed photos and antique dishes handed down from your grandmother.

A messy home can overwhelm anyone. The good news is that if you tackle the problem in small sections and go room to room, you’ll achieve your goal of a clean home and feel a sense of accomplishment.


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