A Guide to Helping Your Home and Pets Co-Exist

Getting your home and pets to co-exist successfully can often be incredibly difficult, even if your pet is well trained. Rather than worrying about the damage your pet could do to your home, here are some top tips that can help your home and your furry friends live side-by-side in perfect harmony.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

If your pets constantly make your home muddy and dirty, you should consider hiring a professional cleaning service. A professional cleaning service can help you to get up the grit and grime much more successfully than you would be able to yourself. They have all of the specialist equipment and training that they need to make your house sparkle again. Pets can be a particular worry if you live in rented accommodation because you may not get your deposit back if your house is not perfect when you leave. However, end of tenancy cleaners Lewisham can clean your property to a high standard and make it look as if you and your pet never lived there.

Have a Pet Zone

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It would be best if you also considered creating a pet zone for your furry friend. This can help them always have a space where they feel comfortable and secure, and ensure that you do not have pet debris like toys and blankets scattered over your house all the time. Pet zones can keep the mess contained and ensure that you only have one spot to clean, cutting down on the maintenance that your pet requires. You can create the perfect pet zone by choosing a large and cozy bed, by investing in storage boxes for their toys and food, and by laying down tile flooring or mats, which are easy to wipe down.

Protect Your Pets from Fleas

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To prevent you from having to spend hours getting rid of fleas and other pests from your home, you need to stop them from entering your home in the first place. You can do this by investing in flea treatments for your pets, which can come in a spot-on, spray, or collar form. This will then ensure that your pets can play and roam freely without you having to constantly worry about the little friends that they might be bringing home with them.

Keep Valuables in a Safe Spot

However much you love your pet, there is nothing more devastating than seeing them destroy a treasured possession. Then, if a particular item in your home is valuable or sentimental to you, you should make sure that it is either packed away or in a secure spot. For instance, you might consider buying a display cabinet that you can fill with ornaments and which is fixed to the wall, preventing it from being knocked over by your pets when they are having fun.

Think of Your Colour Scheme

One of the reasons that your home and your pets may not get on is that you have chosen a colour scheme that is entirely inappropriate for homes with pets living within them. You should stay away from white and neutrals and instead opt for darker colours, depending on the colour of your pet’s coat.

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