How to get your family on the road this summer- road trips

The American road trip is back and the number of families that have started to explore locally using campervans and RVs has skyrocketed. As many of us begin to adjust to the new travel normal, the trend for many Americans has been road trips. One that is close to home (regarded as domestic tourism) is thought to be safer and cheaper than any other form of travel at the moment.

The processcamper van

The process of getting on the road in a motorhome, campervan or RV is a lot simpler than you might think and will hinge on the places you would like to visit and the transport that you will need.

Once you have decided that you and your family will be road tripping, you will need to decide on a budget and choose a vehicle from the ones listed below.

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The types of vehicles you can choose from

road trips

The humble camper van has come a long way from the days of the ‘Barn door’, 23 windowed, VW camper van from the 1950’s but the aim is the same.

Micro motor homes

For the smaller family of single traveler, the micro motor home has become extremely popular. A single sleeper or sleeper for two is available; these are normally smaller vehicles with a lifted roof for additional space, a portable toilet, some storage and possibly a cooker.



The VW camper as aforementioned has been popular for decades and designs have changed and improved since the 50’s. Other makes and brands, such as Toyota, Mercedes and Ford have also entered the market, ensuring that there are now a wider range of options than ever before.


Panel van conversions

Panel van conversions have become big business and for many families who want to experience the open road, this has been one of the most cost-effective options. It can be time consuming, but the benefit of using a conversion is that you will be able to do it over a longer period of time and ensure that you have exactly what you need in the van.

Motor homes

Motor homes

The conventional or lower profile motor homes are increasingly popular and have taken the American roads by storm. There are generally three types of motor home, the over cab bed, the low profile and the class A motor home with no separate cab and a lot more space. These can also come with single or double axels.

The Recreational Vehicle

Recreational Vehicle

The RV is the top of the range recreational vehicle, often with luxury and a great deal more room than you will need. These are American by design and conception and have become increasingly popular with the retired travel sector, where living on the road has gained popularity. Generally, at the largest end of the scale and with bespoke fittings that you can customize based on budget.

As travel changes and more people look for options that are considered safer than bulk international air travel, the open road is becoming more attractive than ever before. Visiting places that are off the beaten track and unlikely to be full of other tourists is an option more likely to gain favor with families than visiting jam packed theme parks and attractions.


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