How to Prepare Your Pet for a Long-Distance Journey- travelling with pets

Whether you are moving to a new place or you are heading on an extended vacation, it is important that you properly prepare every member of the family – and this certainly includes your pets as well. So, here are a few handy hints and tips that you can put into practice to ensure that the journey does not to stress them out. Today we will look at travelling with pets.

Get Them Used to Shorter Journeys First


If your pet has never been in the car before, one of your most important tasks here is to ensure that they get used to shorter journeys first. For example, maybe you decide to take them around the block a couple of times first. Then, over time, you can gradually expand the amount of time you are outside the house. Otherwise, you may find that you are out on a long journey, and your pet gets overly stressed as they are not used to it.

Protect Your Vehicle Against the Heat

Protect Your Vehicle Against the Heat

One of the biggest problems inside a vehicle is that it simply gets too hot for your pet. Therefore, you should make an effort to ensure that they are properly protected against the heat. This means using windscreen shades as and when necessary. It also means putting sunshades on your back windows. You should also ensure that your air conditioning unit is working properly if you have one. Conversely, if you are traveling in colder conditions, it is worth double-checking that the car heater is serving you well.

Consider Hiring in the Professionals


If you are traveling a particularly long distance or think that you will struggle to do it yourself, you could always look into professional cat transport across the states. They will have the specialized equipment and methods to ensure your pet is safe and comfortable through the journey with little distress.

Keep Them Entertained While Traveling

Keep Them Entertained While Traveling

As much as possible, you should try to distract your pet in the best way possible. This could mean bringing one or two of their favorite toys along with them. Alternatively, it is worth bringing along some treats with you. If there is somebody else with you, they can play an integral role in ensuring that your pet is kept entertained by giving them plenty of love and attention.

Plan Some Rest Stops Along the Way

Plan Some Rest Stops Along the Way

Unless you want there to be some little accidents along the way, you must plan in some rest stops! If you have been out on the shorter journeys that we have trip with dogalready discussed earlier in the blog post, you should already have a good idea of when your pet is likely to get restless. Also, if you plan these out in advance, you are less likely to find yourself in a situation in which you struggle to find one.

travelling with pets

There you have some useful top tips that you can follow that are going to make it much more likely that your furry friend arrives at their final destination both safely and happily.


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  1. Keep your dog in the back seat of the car. If an airbag deploys while your dog is in the passenger seat , it might injure your pet.

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