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Cry Babies story house dolls and Storyland Dress Me Up

Cry BabiesThe Cry Babies are back for an all-new holiday season and they are ready for even more fun! Cry Babies story house dolls come packaged in little houses. The fun begins with a “storybook” experience upon arrival. First, you need to retrieve the key and open the house to reveal whichever storybook character you’ve received.

There are six dolls to collect in this series, plus one rare doll, and rare accessories. Fairy tales include Alice, Piggy, Peter, Pinocchio, Scarlet, Martin, and the rare Clause.

Open the house with the rainbow key and discover 10 surprises inside. One of the surprises is a storybook. When their tears fall onto the book, an image of the story will be revealed! Also included are a crybaby doll, a pet, a magic baby bottle, a pacifier, a pair of shoes, a piece of clothing, a personalized book, two personalized accessories, and a sticker sheet. The pet matches the story on which that particular set is based. In addition, some capsules contain an iridescent accessory, the bow, or the pacifier!

Like other dolls in the Cry Babies series use the included baby bottle to feed water to your cry baby doll, then squeeze their belly and watch them cry. We like that the containers double as play and storage spaces and that our daughter can mix and match the fashions between all the dolls she collects.

We received Little Red Riding Hood (Scarlet) and a wolf dressed as Grandma who has been made in the Cry Babies style.

Cry Babies continues accumulating successes worldwide, with the release of new dolls. Also new in the series is Cry Babies Magic Tears Storyland Dress Me Up.

Cry Babies Storyland Dress Me Up Magic Tears

Cry Babies

Each Cry Babies doll comes hidden in an armoire with shelves that children can open to reveal surprise accessories. Inside the wardrobe, you can discover 8 surprise accessories: a magic baby bottle, a pacifier, a hanger, a mirror, a piece of clothing, a pair of shoes, 1 outfit, and a sticker sheet. There are 12 dolls to collect, plus one rare doll, and rare accessories.

When the fashion show is over, children can use the included hanger to store the doll’s extra outfit.

Just like previous Cry Babies that we have reviewed, the Dress Me Up dolls live up to their name by producing real tears.

Both of these new products in the Cry Babies Storyland line make the perfect gift for fans of other Cry Babies products. The imaginative play is endless.

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