Healthy Ways for Working Moms to Reduce Stress

8 ways to improve your well-being on a budget

In current times feeling well can be a challenge. With the constant barrage of bad news and fears over health, it takes extra time to find balance. There’s a misconception that you need to have a lot of money to focus on self-care. The truth is that many things that increase happiness are free or very cheap. And during lockdowns, you don’t even need to leave your home to get some extra joy and feel-good moments. Here are eight ways to improve your well-being on a budget.

Here are 8 ways to improve your well-being on a budget.

Take up Reading

man reading a book

Spending time scrolling on your phone not only doesn’t contribute to happiness, it actually creates stress and anxiety.  Exchange your phone for a good book or, even better – a library card. Library members read for free and reap all kinds of other benefits like live or online events and subscriptions to e-magazines.

Reading stimulates your mind, lengthens your attention span, awakens your imagination, and reduces anxiety. Get lost in new worlds, learn some new things, or travel to faraway destinations from your couch!


Work on D.I.Y. projects

D.I.Y. projects

Working with your hands and creating things gives you satisfaction and a sense of purpose like nothing else. It also saves money! According to, whether you need some new furniture, art, home renovations, or landscaping, you can avoid paying big chunks of cash if you are willing to do it yourself. And you also spend some quality time doing it!


Work out at home

How to Find the Right Type of Exercise Routine for You

It’s not news that exercise makes you feel better physically and mentally. But there’s still a misconception that it costs money. Wrong! With the help of technology, you can work out completely free using various Youtube or other free app videos. Many coaches and teachers also offer such content on their social media. You can also do many of these workouts without any equipment.

And if you choose to exercise outside, you don’t even need technology. Run a lap around the block or take a walk in the park, it’s free, and it makes you feel so good!


Download free health apps

Focusing on your health and well-being is so much easier if you have support. And it doesn’t have to be a paid professional! suggests downloading some of the free health apps that will help you track your exercise, and eating habits, and get tonnes of advice at the same time. If you decide this works for you, you can opt for a paid app as they usually have more content and are more user-friendly. It still costs just a fraction of what a health advisor would charge!

Become a coffee brewer

Smart Coffee Maker

Who doesn’t like grabbing a delicious cup of coffee at their local cafe? It’s one of those little rituals that relieve stress and add some joy to your everyday. It can add up, though, so if you’re a coffee lover, you can create a new ritual at home at a much lower cost. Get yourself some specialty coffee beans ( have a great guide on the best coffee) and start your mornings, or take an afternoon break with a freshly brewed cup. There’s so much information about different brewing techniques online, and you can also get cool gadgets online.


Prepare healthy meals in advance

 improve your well-being


A balanced and healthy diet is an integral part of a person’s well-being. Cooking has become a chore to many during quarantine, but you can avoid daily preparations and still enjoy delicious dishes if you do a weekend meal prep.

Put some nice music on, find new recipes, and spend a Sunday afternoon chopping, stewing, mixing, and baking. With the right attitude, this activity will reduce stress, and you’ll have a fridge full of yummy food and save money on takeout!

Make your own cosmetics

Papering yourself is relaxing, reduces stress, and nourishes your body. Making your own cosmetics such as bath salts, face masks, and oil blends saves you money and is so much better for your health. You already have the needed ingredients at home in your fridge or spice cabinet most of the time. Feel like a magician blending all these concoctions – you can find plenty of ideas and recipes online.


Don’t forget fashion


It’s easy to slip into the abyss of old and frumpy clothes. But it’s scientifically proven that dressing up improves mood, focus, and overall well-being. You don’t need designer clothes to feel good. Wearing something simple yet nice like high-quality crew necks t-shirts from websites like Fresh Clean Tees will give you that much-needed mood-lifter!


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