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8 Alternative Therapies for the New Year

The new year is here, and it’s safe to say that you probably want to find ways to relax, find wellness, and even thrive. The good thing is there are a few alternative therapies that you can try to see which one works best for you. The following are some popular and effective ones out there.


#1: Aromatherapy


One way to relax is by using aromatherapy. Many scents can make you feel a little more relaxed; you just have to know which ones to choose, which you can find out from reading some articles online. For example, vanilla and lavender can help you feel at peace. Now, the only way to get the most out of your aromatherapy is to use natural essential oils, so make sure you only get top quality oils. Don’t be afraid to try different scents as you go along to see how each scent affects you.


#2: Ayurvedic Medicine


Ayurvedic medicine is holistic, and if you want to address your overall health in this fashion, this is your best bet. The practice has been used for a long time in India, and it has proven to be quite successful. Most of what this practice suggests is to heal yourself using nature, like drinking ginger tea for stomach issues and other similar suggestions. Ayurvedic medicine is not only preventative because it helps people with acute conditions. You may be able to use it with other treatments you are observing.


#3: Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy is a guided hypnosis that allows you to grow in whatever way you want. The people who go through hypnotherapy want all sorts of things, like to gain control of a part of their lives. You will have to research to find the best hypnotherapy specialist, so take your time with that part. Remember, if you feel that a person isn’t doing what you want, you can always move on, but you won’t have to do this often if you do enough research on the specialist.


#4: Massage

Why Your Mattress Matters

Message therapy is a great alternative therapy for the new year. This practice can do a lot for you. It’s one of the most relaxing therapies out there, and that should go a long way in helping you find peace. Stress, especially when it’s chronic, can hurt a person’s health given enough time and even disturb your sleep. A massage can do a lot to fight stress, but it also promotes healing by helping the body improve circulation throughout the body. Go on the hunt to find your massage therapist as soon as possible.


#5: Mindfulness

Alternative Therapies

Those who prefer something a little more conscious might want to consider a meditation practice; all it takes is 5 – 10 minutes a day. One of the most common reasons people choose not to try mindfulness is that they feel like they can’t stop their thoughts. Don’t worry, though, because that’s the whole point of meditation in the first place. The Mayo Clinic’s website lists some of the benefits of meditation as dealing with stress better, reducing negative emotions, and increasing patience and tolerance.


#6: Reflexology


Reflexology is an interesting type of therapy that tries to address different issues throughout your body through targeted massage techniques. There’s science behind this therapy that explains why targeting one specific area on your hand can help alleviate pain in another area of your body. Reflexology has been growing in popularity for some time, so it’s the perfect time to look for a specialist near you.


#7: Western Herbal Medicine


Every region of the world has its version of herbal medicine, including the Western world. This is probably because people work with plants that grow in their region. If you want to try to use herbal medicine to deal with issues, then this is a good place to start. Western herbal medicine addresses many imbalances. For example, hawthorn is sometimes used for cardiovascular problems.


#8: Yoga

The Combo Mat

Yoga does a lot for a person, no matter their physical abilities. It can be intensive or not. It helps improve mobility and agility if that’s something you’re worried about. Both things help prevent sprains and other similar injuries by transforming your body into a stronger one. Yoga also provides techniques to control your mind a little more effectively. This is an exercise you can do in a class near you, or you can use online videos to practice at home.

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