5 Reasons To Speak To A Therapist

5 Reasons To Speak To A Therapist

5 Reasons To Speak To A TherapistThere’s never anything wrong with seeking help about your concerns, worries, or anxieties. We want to get that straight before we go any further with this article. Even now, in this enlightened age, there’s still a stigma about getting assistance with mental health conditions. That shouldn’t be the case. If you were suffering from constant pain in a part of your body, you’d eventually go to the doctor. For some reason, not enough of us speak to a therapist when we’re in constant emotional and psychological pain. That needs to change and to help make that change, we’ve identified five key signs that it’s time for you to speak to a therapist.

It shouldn’t be intimidating or scary to speak to a therapist. They’re not doctors, and they’re not there to judge you or make you do things you don’t want to do. A good therapist won’t even push you to talk about things you don’t want to talk about. They’re just an unbiased person who’s trained to help you identify issues in your life, and talk through the potential causes of and solutions to those problems. Many people believe that everybody should see a therapist if their budget and schedule allow it, and we don’t necessarily disagree with that. If any of the five reasons below sound familiar to you, though, you might want to give it special consideration.

You’re Having Trouble Sleeping

Trouble Sleeping

There are lots of reasons you might not be able to sleep. Insomnia is one of the most common medical conditions in the world, and the simple fact of the matter is that some people find getting to sleep more straightforward than others. If, however, you’re usually a good sleeper and you suddenly find that getting to sleep has become difficult, you’re probably wondering why. Unfortunately, our subconscious isn’t always great at coming up with answers on its own. That’s what therapists are there to do – unlock your subconscious and bring the thoughts that might be keeping you awake to the foreground. Check this list of ways to beat insomnia first, but if none of them seem to work for you or to apply to you, consider alternatives.

There Are Things You Can’t Tell Your Friends


All of us have secrets, and all of us have triggers. Sometimes, either because we feel ashamed or because we can’t think of the right person to have the necessary conversations with, we struggle with those problems alone. That’s no good if we can’t come up with the answers we need, and so we enter into a cycle of despair. A therapist can break that cycle. Therapists don’t judge you. They listen, they try to understand, and they recommend changes. They will only pass your details on to a third party if they have reason to believe that you’re a danger to yourself or a danger to somebody else. Whatever you might have to tell them, they’ll almost certainly have heard it before. Their experience could be invaluable to you.

depressionYour Behavior Has Changed

Do you know the feeling of losing control?  Are there bad habits in your life that you can’t get a handle on? Do you keep making bad decisions and then regretting them the following day, or even the following week or month? That can lead to self-loathing, self-disgust, and despair. Whether we’re talking about bad relationship choices, addiction issues, or compulsive behavior, there are therapists who are specially trained to deal with these issues. They can help you to identify potentially destructive behavior before it happens and choose another path. Often, people with behavioral issues indulge in bad behavior to mask negative emotions or for a ‘quick hit.’ The effects of indulging in the behavior are short-term, and the negativity quickly resumes. A good therapist will help you to break the habit.

Your Medication Isn’t Helping

Speak To A TherapistIf you’ve been to see a doctor about your mental health, you might have been prescribed anti-depression or anti-anxiety medication. These medications can sometimes do more harm than good.

Ultimately, your body should not be treated like an online slot machine, where you’re putting something into it in the hope that you’ll achieve a positive result. Your body is far more complicated than any online slot game ever invented. Furthermore, online slot games and websites like Dove Casino are there as a form of entertainment for gamblers. You shouldn’t gamble with your mental health. Medication can and does serve a purpose, but it’s important to know the underlying cause of your condition or unhappiness. Even if it works, all medication does is mask that cause. If you’ve been on medication for a while, you should speak to a therapist as well. Never, ever stop taking medication without your doctor’s consent, but don’t think of it as the only solution.

Your Mood Keeps Changing

moodVery few of us are ‘level’ all the time. We all experience highs and lows. We feel sad for reasons we can’t put our fingers on, and other times we’re ‘high on life’ and in a great mood without any apparent cause. This is normal, and it’s fine to experience those feelings. It’s less good when those highs get higher, and the lows get lower, and you can’t work out why it’s happening.

Mood swings can be destructive when they take you by surprise, and they can cloud your judgment. You might suddenly find yourself backing away from things you used to enjoy, or agreeing to things you wouldn’t normally agree to. There’s probably a reason for these feelings even if you can’t immediately see it. A therapist can help you to lift the cloud and find the cause.

As we’re not here to diagnose you or give you qualified advice, we can’t tell you whether or not you need to speak to a therapist. We do know there’s no harm in trying, though, and we also believe that even people who feel like their mental health is good can maintain that good mental health by speaking to a therapist. Therapists are there to make our lives better, and more of us should be taking advantage of their services. If you’ve been feeling down or worried recently, what do you have to lose?



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