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Phil’s Fudge is Heaven- Phil’s Fudge Factory

Phil's FudgeNo longer will I be ordering take out dinners once a week when I don’t feel like cooking or hitting up the fast-food drive-through, or eating hot dog and Kraft dinner and calling it a meal? I even have given up most junk food snacks. I say most, because everybody has a weakness. My weakness is fudge. I am not talking about any ordinary run of the mill fudge. I am talking about Phil’s Fudge from Phil’s Fudge Factory. It is your number one dessert, your new obsession, and your go to comfort food all in one. When a company wins 13 Culinary Awards you know their fudge must be good. An Alberta based company they have shipped their fudge all across Canada.

You can always purchase mass produce cheap fudge found at your local Dollarama, but it won’t taste anything like Phil’s Fudge. His fudge is the difference between a Mcdonald’s burger and a Burger Revolution burger. You know what I am talking about. Phil’s Fudge makes over 2,500 flavors and usually has 2-3 dozen flavours in production at any one time. The fudge can be found at farmers’ markets, trade shows, and shops around Alberta. Yes, Phil’s Fudge is Canadian. You can also order directly from the website. Phil’s Fudge is the best fudge that I have ever tasted.


About the man behind the fudge

PhilPhil loves to cook and has a sivere sweet tooth, so he began making fudge. Phil’s friends loved his fudge and said ” hey Phil you should be selling this.”So, in 2011 he began his fudge making a journey. I can not believe it has taken me 11 years to discover Phil’s fudge. It is Phil’s singular passion to make fudge without compromise; to dedicate himself to the art and craft of making fudge. Today, a small team of people continue the fudge making tradition hand-making fudge in small batches using the best techniques and the finest ingredients with a single minded dedication to quality.

Carrot Cake Fudge

Phil's Fudge

Phil’s carrot cake fudge contains spices, walnuts, and raisins. It is topped with a layer of cream cheese fudge. If you like carrot cake you’ll love this fudge! The flavor tastes so much like carrot cake.

Chocolate Mint Swirl

Mint Fudge

A cool hint of mint is the perfect complement to rich, decadent fudge. These two flavours work wonders together, with thick and creamy fudge mixed smoothly into light and airy mint to make a combination that melts in your mouth. Made with just the right amount of peppermint oil, you get the authentic zing of real mint alongside sweet chocolate.

I am a crazy person when it comes to mint and chocolate combined. The first bite had me thinking what a smooth, creamy piece of heaven this is. The mint wasn’t over powering at all. It was a really nice combination.

Caramel Apple Pie from Phil’s Fudge Factory

Phil's Fudge
Phil’s Caramel Apple Pie fudge features real apple chunks in a cinnamon fudge with creamy caramel swirled in. Of the three flavors we sampled, surprisingly the Apple Pie was my favorite. The creamy texture and fresh apple chunks makes it a piece of heaven. As it melts in your mouth it leaves you truly desiring more. As you say to yourself, just one more bite. Grandma Anita’s fudge doesn’t even come close to Phil’s Fudge. God rest her soul!

Phil's Fudge Factory: Canadian Handmade Gourmet Fudge ...

Each piece of fudge comes in its own little white box and is wrapped in cellophane to keep in the moisture and freshness. All three flavors were the creamiest fudge I have ever tasted. Flavors like Root Beer,  Irish Cream, Nanamio Bar, Peanut Butter Explosion and Egg Nog are just some flavors of Phil’s Fudge. I want to try them all.  You can eat 225 g fudge Chocolate Coconut Sandwich and tell your husband that you had a sandwich for lunch. This is no guilt fudge!

I am telling you this. One taste of Phil’s Fudge and you’ll be ordering more! Phil’s Fudge would make a great holiday gift f̶o̶r̶ m̶e̶, f̶o̶r̶ y̶o̶u̶, for that person on your shop for list with a sweet tooth.

Phil’s Fudge also makes beef jerky. I had to add that in, but you know it’s all about the fudge. It’s pretty clear. Every bite is perfect.


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5 thoughts on “Phil’s Fudge is Heaven- Phil’s Fudge Factory

  1. The apple pie fudge from Philips’s fudge is to die for! The apple pie is beautifully caramelized, yet its creatively intertwined with a creamy texture from the fudge making it a piece of heaven. All the while it melts in your mouth leaving you truly wanting more. I have had many different types of fudge in my 50+ years and this fudge is truly a masterpiece; my own mom or grandmothers fudge doesn’t even come close and I may get disowned for that comment but Philips fudge is so good you won’t be disappointed. I have had the pleasure of trying the Apple Pie, Carrot Cake and even the Chocolate mint and each one was so good I cant choose a favorite.

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