Unicorns Have Bad Manners

Unicorns Have Bad Manners

You would think that a Unicorn’s manners would be dainty and refined. In Unicorns Have Bad Manners by Rachel Halpern,  Nigel the dinosaur soon discovers that is not the case at all when he dines for afternoon tea with Unicorn Periwinkle. The two have very different ideas of proper behavior at the table. After Periwinkle shines her horn with the napkin and dunks a cookie directly in the teapot, Nigel voices his disappointment to Periwinkle.

unicorns have bad manners

The unicorn is quick to explain how things that Nigel believes to be rude are actually acceptable in unicorn culture. Periwinkle explains that she learned from her great-grandmother that it is polite to eat dessert first and to spear cookies with forks. Together they learn to accept each others differences.

Unicorns Have Bad Manners is a well written amusing beautifully illustrated book that teaches children that manners and customs can be different without being unicorns have bad mannerswrong. It is a great time to open a discussion with your kids about how table differ from culture to culture. After all, many cultures’ table manners differ in many respects such as how to eat, when to eat, and where to eat and what to eat.

When we gather around a table to eat, our table manners may differ from others’ manners, depending on where in the world we live just like in the book “Unicorns Have Bad Manners.” My daughter enjoyed the book immensely and it was an absolute joy to read with humorous parts.

unicorns have bad manners

If you are looking for a book to add to your child’s Summer reading list then I highly recommend Unicorns Have Bad Manners by Rachel Halpern ; illustrated by Wendy Tan Shiau Wei.

Unicorns Have Bad Manners is published by Sunbird Books. For further information, visit www.sunbirdkidsbooks.com

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