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7 Tips to Support Your Child’s Passion for Music

“What do you want to be when you grow older?” Almost all of us have answered or tried to answer this question when we were children. Children are dreamers. They want to become astronauts, scientists, and paleontologists! But do children really plan to follow through with these dreams? Or do they just forget about them and go with the flow as they grow older?

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64-year-long research found that children who dream big can achieve bigger things in life – only if their parents support them before they get demotivated and stop pursuing their dreams. Especially in a town like Lafayette, Colorado, famous for beautiful parks, mountain lodges, and museums, it won’t be a shocker if your child wants to do something out of the ordinary!

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Supporting a Child’s Passion for Music

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Children show varying interests in their growing years. Some are fond of drawing, while some love to dance to the beats of nursery rhymes.

If your child shows passion for music, there’s a lot you can do to ignite their interest. You could take them to musical performances and festivals or get them their first instrument!

If you’re in Lafayette, your children could certainly become artists due to places like the WOW Children’s Museum, which has crafting and storytelling activities. But if your child seriously wants to pursue music as a career, you need to go the extra mile.

Here are some tips for you to support their passion for music:

1.      Enroll them in Music Lessons


Children can learn how to play new instruments quicker than adults. But, like adults, they also need a sense of direction.

The flute and recorder are among the easiest introductory instruments. But you can’t just expect them to learn the instrument by themselves. When you enroll them for flute lessons in Lafayette, CO, they can actually learn the instrument rather than keeping the instrument aside after a day or two like other forgotten toys.

2.      Consistency is Key


Passion for Music

Even if your child isn’t facing any difficulties learning new rhythms and techniques, there might be times when they are bored with daily lessons and practices.

When this happens, it is important to keep things fresh. Allow them to pick which instrument they want to learn next so they can learn a new instrument if they are bored with one. To keep things exciting, encourage them to post their videos online every week. Every new comment and like will make them look forward to the next day to record a new video!

But make sure they don’t get disheartened when they’re not getting responses. You could ask friends and family members to follow them, watch their videos, and react for encouragement.

3.      Encourage Creativity


Music is not limited to instruments like guitars, violins, and flutes. Your child could have an innate talent to create a beat with pots and pans from the kitchen!

When they start showing signs of interest in music, we often make the mistake of limiting them to a box – an instrument or a teacher. Although these are great ways to get them to learn, letting them be creative allows them to think out of the box and explore their competencies.

Who knows, they might end up becoming a creator of an entirely new instrument or a dance technique!

4.      Record Them

 Acoustic Guitar

Win Wenger, an expert in brain development and education, recommended a great tip to improve musical skills. He suggested that anyone learning music should record themselves and listen to it afterward.

This helps create a neurofeedback loop. So, when your child is jamming for fun and exploring their musical ideas, record them (with their consent) and let them listen to it later. They will hear what it sounds like versus what they heard in their head. Recording and re-listening will help them improve and develop their skills quicker.

5.      Get Them Excited for Musical Performances

Musical Performances

If your child is learning the piano, keep a lookout for classical performances nearby, which include the piano. If you’re in Lafayette, you could even fly out for a big performance.

Get them excited about the event so they are eager to see it. When they are there, take pictures and record performances (if allowed) so they know it is as important to you as it is to them. This positive reinforcer is bound to keep them following their musical passions even when the going gets tough.

6.      Encourage them to Play in Public

Passion for Music

When your child has learned some new rhythms, don’t wait for them to get to high school to get involved with an orchestra to show off their skills to the world. They could play their instrument at a small party or family gathering, where they’ll gain tons of confidence when they get applause from the crowd.

Once they have built the confidence to play in front of an audience, they could volunteer for a charity or a small-town event or visit an old home where they can get the opportunity to show off some of their skills.

7.      Help Them Overcome Frustrating Times

Acoustic Guitar

Perfection doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time and practice. When your child is learning how to play an instrument, there will be times when they are frustrated. This is when they might think about quitting.

This is when the parents must teach them how to overcome the frustration of being unable to pull out a hard trick. They will need nudges and appreciation along the journey, so be there for them when they need your support the most.

A great lesson that children learn during the process is the importance of sticking with something even when it isn’t fun or easy anymore. But when the child starts showing a dislike for the lessons, it is also wise to give them a break for a while rather than forcing them. Who knows, they might pick it up again in a few years and end up performing wonderfully well!

Final Words

Passion for Music

Many children show interest in music in their early years. They might show their interest by picking up an instrument or singing along and drumming to their favorite nursery rhymes. Keep a lookout for these signs and help them explore their hidden talent with proper lessons and a round of applause. Your child might be the next Hans Zimmer!

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