Mudpuppy Pony Pile-Up Game

Pony Pile Up from Mudpuppy

Stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic more parents are looking at how much screen time their children should have. With spending more time at home parents are bringing out the classic board games and purchasing new ones. Games that challenge the mind are always a favorite with me. Pony Pile Up from Mudpuppy is sure to help your little learner have fun and develop new skills at the same time. Similar to Piggy Pile Up, which we own too this classic game benefits the development of motor skills, dexterity, and hand-eye coordination.

Pony Pile Up

The Aim of Pony Pile Up

Pony Pile Up


The aim of the game is to be the last player to place a wooden stick on the pony before it falls. Give each player the same number of pieces. The game comes with 40 wooden sticks and is best played with 2 or 3 players. Then place the wooden pony on the table. Take turns be the first person to place your last wooden piece on the pony without any falling and win! If during your turn any pieces fall you must take those pieces and your turn is ended. This can be a little harder than it would appear. Pony Pile-Up definitely gets your child thinking creatively as they question which piece to place where.

Once your child masters the game, it can be something they can play alone. Although it is more fun to play together.

I know your children will love Pony Pile-Up from Mudpuppy as much as we do. Whether you’re looking for quality wooden games, puzzles, or magnetic fun Mudpuppy has the perfect learning gift for your child(ren).

About Mudpuppy
Mudpuppy develops toys and activities for children that engage creativity and imagination.  Every product they make utilizes art and illustrations to inspire play. Mudpuppy focuses on 4 primary product categories: Puzzles & Games, Magnetic Fun, Coloring & crafts, and Books & more. They create an Innovative new product format each season with the intent of cultivating an “unplugged,” non-digital playtime for kids.


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