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Making the Most of Working From Home

You’ve made the decision to leave your day job and start working for yourself from the comfort of your home. You know several people who in recent years have done the same and are enjoying the benefits. Here’s a list of things that will help you achieve success working from home.

Schedule Appointments for One Day of the Week

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Most doctors have daytime hours, that up until this very moment, were difficult for you to fit in. Now, thanks to working from home, you have the luxury of making appointments that fit well into your life. However, in order to promote productivity, it’s best to limit your appointments to one day a week. This way you can schedule speech therapy for kids followed by a dentist appointment a few hours later and lose less time.

The Home Office

If you really want to make money working from home, you’ll need to set up your home office the same way as the one you had when you worked for an employer. You’ll need a sturdy desk with a spacious top to accommodate your computer, landline phone, stand-up files, and everyday office supplies. It’s also important to make sure that there’s enough room left over to work free from obstructions. You should also invest in a decent shredder, a filing cabinet, and an all-in-one printer with the option of connecting to a fax line.

Let the House Wait

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If you like your home to remain clean, you may have difficulty focusing on your work with the knowledge of dishes in the sink and a full basket of dirty laundry waiting in the closet. However, you’ll need to learn how to divide your time. When you begin your workday, you’re at the office. Only after you sign off is it time to tackle the chores at home. If you can’t separate the two, you will have trouble earning enough money to remain at home full-time.

Head to the Office

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It’s really easy to fall into the leisure routine when it comes to your attire. You’ve heard the stories of parents working from home in their pajamas. However, your PJs suggest leisure time, whereas putting on work attire means you’re ready to dive into your assignments. Personal care is one of the first things you can lose if you’re not careful. Go through the same morning routine you did for many years; personal hygiene, fixing your hair, and eating a healthy breakfast before starting your workday.

Structure Your Work Day

When it comes to working from home you may have several different projects. For example, if you’re a freelance writer you may have work assignments through multiple companies. Just as you would at the office, you’ll need to create a to-do list each day pertaining to the order of the tasks you need to complete. You may work from 9 to 12 on articles and from 1 to 4 on blogs. This way you’ll have work completed on all fronts, instead of possibly leaving one assignment incomplete. One useful technique that helps you finish your tasks and meet deadlines is by using a tomato timer which can also help improve your attention span and concentration.

Sell Yourself

The only way you survive working from home is to become aggressive in your search for work. Initially, you may only have one source. However, once you earn a reputation, acquiring good-paying jobs gets easier. It’s also critical not to undersell your services. There are many jobs out there that pay very little and consume many hours. Learn to pick and choose your jobs carefully so that you don’t end up having to return to work for an employer.

Working from home comes with many benefits. You can take a vacation at will, attend school functions and make convenient appointments for your family. However, you still have to make money. If you remain proactive in your search for work, have a functional workspace, and avoid distractions, you can achieve success.

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