Career Opportunities for Very Patient People

Top Career Opportunities for Very Patient People

We all have different virtues. Some of us are creative. Others understand mechanics. And a few special people are blessed with patience. If you possess a certain skill, you may as well use it in your career. Luckily, there are a number of employment options for those who possess an exceptional amount of patience. Here are some top career options for very patient people:

1. Nurse

Top Career Opportunities

Nurses are under a lot of workplace pressure. They literally have people’s lives in their hands at times. Some of the patients aren’t exactly kind, either. Nurses must learn how to deal with unruly patients and get them to cooperate when they don’t want to. The job is also on the front lines of human tragedy, making it difficult for most people to handle without becoming emotionally drained.

The path to becoming a nurse also involves a challenging education, one which will no doubt test a student’s patience, especially if you decide to pursue an msn fnp degree. However, nursing is a noble career and a vital asset to society. Those capable of fulfilling the duties of a nurse ought to seriously consider giving it a try.

2. Special Education Teacher


Many of us take our health for granted. Some people weren’t born with the same health. These health differences might require more hands-on learning and time and that’s where special education teachers come in. While the work may be rewarding, it can also be challenging at times. If you’re blessed with patience and ability to give students the attention they need, consider earning a special education credential online. In doing so you fulfill an important role in society, one which few people are able to do.

3. Therapist

Therapists are people who treat mental disorders. These people may deal with personality disorders or addiction. While there are success stories, there are frustrating stories as well. Some people may relapse over and over again in front of their therapist. The therapist must continue to try and help them even during a crisis. It can take a lot of patience to deal with an individual who continues to relapse.

4. Politician


Despite what popular culture would suggest, it’s not easy to work in politics. There are a lot of eyes on you and people scrutinizing you. Gaining popularity to get elected to a leadership role requires significant patience in itself. You also have to deal with a slow bureaucracy that will make you feel like it’s impossible to get anything done. You need to be patient and understand that change can take time.

5. Customer Service Representative


Customer service representatives must be extremely patient with every customer. It’s part of the job to be cordial and kind to customers, even when they aren’t especially kind themselves. People may start to yell or get rude. Other people may need help with a product or service. It can take a lot of time to answer questions and help resolve their issue. It doesn’t help when people aren’t good at listening or following directions.

Patience is a virtue. If it’s a virtue you are lucky enough to have, consider these amazing career options that require a significant amount of patience. You may succeed due to your natural abilities. Good luck.


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