Traditional toys from Orange Tree Toys

Before you opt for the latest top toy of the season, consider a classic toy from Orange Tree Toys. This family-run business established in 2000 offers bold, bright stimulating classic toys for little ones that can be passed down from generation to generation. As a bonus, you won’t have to arm-wrestle some mom at Toys R US for the last Babyshark song Puppet or LOL Surprise doll house. Instead, return to the basics with traditional toys from Orange Tree Toys.

A-Z crocodile puzzle


PuzzleClassic puzzles have been around for ages and never go out of style. Designed for developing minds and tiny hands the Crocodile Wooden Alphabet Puzzle will give your little one hours of enjoyment. Made with safe materials and non-toxic paint, this gorgeous hand-painted puzzle not only boosts motor skills, but it helps children recognize and memorize letters. The brightly colored design will immediately attract your little one’s interest. The wooden pieces are the perfect size for small hands to grasp. This makes it an ideal puzzle for toddlers to pull apart and reassemble. Putting the puzzle together is fun and with no board it makes little ones work to place the pieces together.


Overall, the Crocodile Wooden Alphabet Puzzle is a brilliant way to introduce the alphabet as well as teach colors.

Orange Tree Kids Dolls


A child’s innocence is precious, and nothing says it more than Orange Tree Kids’ line of dolls. Gentle, and sweet there are several dolls to choose from. Be it a glamorous Unicorn doll full of sparkle or a rabbit princess with a twinkling golden crown and shoes to match, these dolls are sure to bring delight to little girls. They are also sure to promote many hours of pretend play.

Orange Tree Kids’ Little Mouse doll

Traditional toys from Orange Tree Toys

Step into a world of magic with Orange Tree Kids’ little Mouse doll. Made from Calico this adorable mouse has a pink cotton lining to her ears and a big pink bow in her hair! Adorable and whimsical, dancing around in her pink polka dot dress, with neck detailing, and striped tights this happy ballerina mouse is sure to be a new best fried.

traditional toys

Her petite size makes her easy for small hands to grasp making her the perfect gift for infants and up. Her design allows her to sit on a shelf or lay down in bed after a grand day of play.

traditional toys

If you know a budding ballerina or a little girl who loves Angelina Ballerina then the sweet little Mouse doll will make the perfect gift. Miss P couldn’t wait to take her mouse to ballet class.

This upcoming holiday season gives traditional toys from Orange Tree Toys. These are the toys that still get played with long after the fad of the hottest new toy has warned off.


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