Plus-Plus blocks

Plus-Plus blocks building sets

blocksPlus-Plus are construction building blocks that my daughter can’t get enough of! She is in fact is no stranger to the Plus Plus products and has used them in school. Plus-Plus blocks have one shape with endless possibilities. In essence, they resemble small plastic pieces shaped like puzzle pieces.

What’s really nice is that compared to other playing blocks Plus-Plus give children the freedom of creating anything they can think of.

With Plus-Plus blocks even curves are possible thanks to their unique design and one shape! Plus-Plus develops the imagination and creativity of children and appeals equally to boys and girls.

Plus-Plus blocks

Plus Plus blocks come in various size kits and packages from a 70 piece pirate set right up to a 1060 piece pirate ship. There are kits with dragons, unicorns, firemen, robots, princesses and even Christmas themed kits. As well as these kits there are educational sets perfect for the daycare or the classroom with 6,000 pieces. After all. Plus-Plus is the perfect educational STEM toy that stimulates fine motor skills, creativity, and focus! Plus Plus also allow for kids to move easily between 2D and 3D creations.

Plus-Plus big unicorn set

 building blocksWe have the Plus-Plus big unicorn set. It includes step-by-step instructions and all the pieces you need to build a Unicorn. Although there are instructions, they aren’t particularly clear and I was at a lost after the first few pages. Miss P is normally skilled at building blocks however, she gave up trying to build the unicorn using the instructions after a few attempts. My adult daughter even gave it a try and was lost after the 3rd page. It even stumped my aunt. The only one in our household who successfully put the unicorn together following the instructions was my husband.

I notice that you have to use a little force to connect the blocks together. When you take them apart there is a little resistance.

 building blocks

Miss P was able to assemble a candy cane and the unicorn visually by just looking at the photo, which I think is quite impressive for a child that it only six.

Plus-Plus blocks

Overall Miss P has been enjoying playing with the Plus-Plus blocks. Regardless if she could put the unicorn together, she is having fun with them. I find them to be an extremely versatile toy with plenty of possibilities. When I purchase more sets I think I probably won’t bother with the bigger themed sets and opt for the tube sets. Miss P is much happier making her own creations than following the instructions.

Candy Cane

Overall Plus-Plus is a wonderful toy for open-ended play. They are also great to take along when you’re traveling this upcoming holiday season. Just toss some in a zip lock bag, throw them in your purse and they will keep the kids busy for hours. They are equally great for providing kids with something to keep them occupied in a restaurant without having to pull out your cell phone.

Do you have a favorite open ended building toy? What do you think of Plus-Plus?

Plus-Plus blocks


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9 thoughts on “Plus-Plus blocks building sets

  1. Love those blocks. I like the size and the color combinations. The possibilities are endless with the things you can make with those.

  2. oh these are soooo cool! so much better than blocks cause you can build them on an angle as well instead of side straight up or side to side

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