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How to boost your energy after a sleepless night

boost your energy after a sleepless night

It can be very difficult to achieve the sleep you need if you spent the night tossing and turning all night. If you haven’t already noticed, a lack of sleep can lead to many things, including irritability, mood swings, loss of energy and productivity, and much more. It is estimated that 1 in 3 adults don’t get as much sleep as they possibly could.  Staying awake through the day after no sleep the night before can feel impossible.  Below I have some ways of how to boost your energy after a sleepless night.

Start your day right with proper diet and exercise

Get exercise.

Depending on your age, sleep requirements are going to vary from person to person. Adults need about seven to nine hours of sleep a night to properly function.

Be sure to start your morning off with a good breakfast. A cup or two of  black coffee in the morning can help you stay functional throughout the day. Be sure not to binge on sugar throughout the day as it can actually give you less energy. Be sure to stay hydrated throughout the day too.

As tired as you might be adding some exercise to your daily routine  will help you get a better nights rest. Getting your body in gear is an effective way of staving off exhaustion. You don’t even need to engage in anything intensive to receive the full benefits of working out.  Instead of driving to work or to pick up the kids from school consider walking.

A good 15-30 minutes of light exercise each morning can also help get your brain in shape. Setting up a routine helps prepare you for your day, and staying active can keep your body limber and full of energy. You’ll want to create a daily morning schedule around this to make sure you can fit in exercise before the rest of your day starts.

While daily exercise on its own opens you up to a host of health benefits, it pairs very well with a proper diet. Eating proper energy boosting foods, such as fresh fruit, eggs, and vegetables, can also give you energy. If possible, check in with a dietician and have them set up a dietary plan.


Getting into a peaceful state of mind

Practice relaxation techniques

Another thing you can do that might help boost energy is to begin your day with a calm mind. You might find it helpful to listen to some soothing music, or to meditate for a while in a quiet space. Anything that helps you to not feel chaotic before your day starts.

A peaceful mind can help your brain organize itself, making you feel a bit better and a little more prepared to take on the day. Be warned that you don’t want to get too calm, as you might end up falling asleep at work.

Can Vaping Give You More Energy?

There is no reported evidence that suggests vaping gives you extra energy. However, If you vape regularly you may noticed a certain sense of improved energy, especially when paired with coffee. I don’t recommend that you start vaping to give you more energy. I am merely suggesting that if you already vape there are certain  e-liquids, which can help provide you more energy.

Take short power naps

sleep walking

Though this is very much a short-term solution and can lead to bad habits, brief power naps can help give you a little bit of rest to help make up for lost sleep. Resting for 30 minutes or an hour might help refresh your brain and make you more active and alert.

Be sure you don’t oversleep, however, as you could end up ruining your sleep cycle. Also, remember that naps are no replacement for proper sleep. They may seem enticing, but they can’t give you the benefits of a full night’s rest, and often still leave you drained of energy after a while.


boost your energy after a sleepless nightSleep is sometimes hard to obtain, and we can’t always get enough energy to take on the day. Knowing some ways to boost your energy after a sleepless night can go a long way in helping you sleep better the following night.

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  1. Due to MS problems I never get a full nights sleep and it certainly takes your energy for the day. These tips may be helpful thanks for sharing !

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